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  1. Erm, no. The more workers you add, the less it decreases build time (see the tooltips when hovering the hammer symbol of a building in construction). For a perfect eco its better to use only 1 worker/building (if there is no need to hurry ) ...
  2. Probably not the best players .. In current a18 balancing branch ranged cavs automicro is disabled. This should help a lot..
  3. true, but only if they have gathered something, eg a piece of wood.
  4. Yes. Would make sense to have only ranged soldiers counting to arrow output. Atm ranged cav does increase arrow rate (fortress), but melee cav does not, while melee inf does. Should be changed: <GarrisonArrowClasses>Ranged</GarrisonArrowClasses>
  5. Better than cav flashing in lightspeed across the whole map when regrouping a formation
  6. If you say so, it will be true. I mean, you really are in a position to judge this, since you are an experienced game designer and for sure a pretty good player too. Otherwise your statements would be impudence at its best, and a moderator would jump in here. Get real, man. Most of the good players will subscribe that a17 is much better than a16.
  7. ..anyway, prod wasn't the first http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Empires_%28mobile_game%29
  8. O dear. ..citizen soldiers just stand around, cannot work/gather. Feels annoying, whole eco done by women. Is this your vision of historical correctness? The citizen soldiers are one of the greatest features of 0ad. Changing this is a shot in the knee, imho.
  9. Whats there to laugh? Then add same amount of melee inf to melee cav, or something similar. ...we can test those scenarios.
  10. Just had a few tests. Indeed, 30 chariots win easily against 45 ranged cav. But: 45 melee cav (comparable costs to 30 chariots) win (even without any micro). Pls test yourself and think things over...
  11. What is "very, very, very bad" about buggy, exploited formations taken out of an alpha version temporarely to get improved? Maybe think before you post?
  12. Persian chariots have 336 health, fully upgraded + tech, not 380. Ever tried to counter them with ranged cav? You can have ~45 vs 30 chariots for comparable costs. But I agree that brit/maur chariots should be buffed. They are champions (persian chariots are citizens); all champions will get buffed for sure in next alpha.
  13. Farms are not automatic at all. If you get attacked you have to do lots of micro to save your women, and please, do not tell me to use that ridiculous townbell (women in cc do not count to arrow output) This. 10 corrals eg, batch training 10 sheep each, not much micro at all. Done in 2 seconds. Wouldn't call me a good player. wesono is a good player; I am able to give him a real hard fight, but at the end I lose Oh dear. I am really curious if your arrogance is based on skill. Maybe you are such a good player, but maybe you just need a doctor .. What about having a game to find out, vs a good player, like WW_Butcher, wesono, or even a decent player, like me (you should kick me from the map)? Deal?
  14. The current Corrals are not attractive at all, compared to the Farm system... Sure they are. They need no pop slots to work, only a few (eg skirmcav to slaughter sheep). Given a popcap, which normally is 300, its a good choice in lategame to abandon farms and go for corrals. You can have ~50 soldiers more this way than a farming opponent, also use the former gathering women as arrow attractors in an attack.
  15. Curious about that skirmisher train time of 8 seconds. Civs without skirmishers get a huge eco disadvantage, especially in earlygame; ptolomies are (imho) op in a17 (especially village phase) cuz of that 8 seconds train time of their nubian archers. 2 questions: - Iberians: Ever thought of removing their village walls? - Champions: Health should be increased drastically. They should have more than any upgraded citizen soldier (?). Will further play/test your mod when its done. Have the feeling that balancing civs might get pretty hard/impossible due to your unique features, but as mentioned earlier, maybe this isn't your intention.
  16. INcog talked about ungarrisoned buildings.. I thought. Maybe a misunderstanding.
  17. Not at all, imho. Think they are too weak vs pierce damage. Arrows can not take a building down, not at all, but 40 archers kill a building in seconds.. Also think that siege engines exist for a reason ... Btw, "units", what do you mean exactly? Also hack_dealing units (roman swordmen are pretty nice siege_units, eg)?
  18. Ah, ok. So you are a master of this game. Maybe you can help scythe, who has absolutely no idea about it and also is a poor player, to improve the game?
  19. Tested, works here (linux, svn) in pregame options and ingame as real limit perfectly..
  20. Just had a quick test of your mod: Rural Lifestyle civ bonus: All infantry citizen soldiers farm, hunt and herd 50% faster. Their farming rate is still lower that the one of females Not true. Citizen soldiers (gauls, not upgraded) farm faster than women now, would say around 10% ....
  21. Rural Lifestyle civ bonus: All infantry citizen soldiers farm, hunt and herd 50% faster. Their farming rate is still lower that the one of females, but now farming with celtic men is considerable for extra defense Really? That means you nearly need no women. Gauls are pretty strong anyway, imho the strongest (besides ptolomies, which are clearly op in early/endgame) ...why need gauls extra defense???
  22. Hey scythe !! Hope you still follow this topic; as I asked you in irc days ago, what about continuing sbb? After about 30 "real" matches in a17 there are a few points to mention/discuss: - champions. need. more. health. - buildings need more pierce armor. Its ridiculous, how 8 archers can tear down a building thats in progress or a few more archers can destroy eg a tower. (which damage do archers to a stone tower in reality? Imho: nearly none.) - rams are op now compared to catas. Need less pierce armor too, or champs more health, as said above. Or units generally dealing more hack, dunno. - That skirmcav auto-micro needs discussion too. All ranged units should get this feature, or, what I personally would prefer: no auto-micro at all. - Ptolemies are clearly op in earlygame. Its nearly impossible to defend their raids in first gameplay minutes without own eco going downhill. Also in lategame, that hero that increases pikemen health 40% during his lifetime is ridiculous. Give him an aura, or nerf the percentage. No balancing, but generally: 2v2 multiplayer are nearly impossible due to huge lag, compared to a16/15/early sbb. Afair leper told me that the lag might be related to the new FOW/mirages. If so, it might be worth to undo the new FOW, imho. I would prefer smooth gameplay to laaaaag and scouting.
  23. Oh dear. Changes need testing, as you wrote yourself. Alone those first "small changes in civ-specific bonuses" require lots of changes to all the other civs to re-balance them. Aimed at unique civs, this is really hard to do; how to "test"? You would need many, many games played by comparable strong players, really good players. And all you would get was only a convergence. The more you make civs unique, the more perfect balancing is impossible. You cannot compare apples to pears (as we say in german). But: Imho thats no problem at all. The perfectly balanced RTS game is chess, which would not work with different "civs", so if players want to compare their skills, they would play the same civs anyway, balancing done. What I want to say is: Forget about balancing different civs right now, concentrate on your gameplay ideas/changes. If all of them are done, you will see what needs nerfing/buffering. Looking forward to your github repo ..
  24. Also happened to me. ..will upload logs the next time/create ticket.
  25. Mixed is the counter. Half melee/ranged will beat ranged only.
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