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  1. Well, this shouldn't be a discussion about rebalancing walltowers per se, should be only about not using them. To be honest, I thought (hoped) that you devs would be aware of it. If I knew that this isn't the case, I would have started to discuss walltowers rebalance...
  2. yes, exactly. And a minimum distance between the walltowers. And what about the costs/buildtime/health ratio? A normal tower costs 100wood + 100 stone, buildtime 150, health 1000 A walltower costs 200 stone, buildtime 40, health 15000 Do I have to say more? So, unless this unbalance (how can this happen, btw?) is eliminated, wall(tower)s are a nogo.
  3. ..combined with merchandising there are enough resources. .in my opinion a game killer. If you enjoy besieging walltowers with 150000 health, np. I do not and I know that other players also think wall(tower)s are overpowered extremely. Until this is fixed in the main version, we will not tolerate the use of walls in our host. A "CCC" in the playername (we already agreed that in hostname might be better) would show wall_merch_players not to join. Thats all.
  4. @ Lion.Kanzen, Andjety To get an idea of "wallabuse", a screenshot :
  5. No rage at all. Just a little tired of ingame discussions about wall/merch abuse. In fact already quite a few players I know agree about walling and nonmerchandising. Just an agreement, marked somehow to the playername. Maybe it would be better, as Tango suggested, to do this in the hostname instead.
  6. Maybe when real good players fight each other. Sure you can attack a caravan, bad thing is they are pretty fast. I already lost games (sure, i am a noob) cuz I did no merchandising but opponents did. Also caravans cause huge lag.
  7. Yep, this would be a question. i would say: Fishing boats are ok.
  8. No, unless you want an endless game. When resources are all gathered, the final combat will decide who wins.
  9. Hi! Ever played a multiplayergame, lets say a 1v1, where you owned 75% of the map, but opponent constantly spammed champion units paid by 2 markets merchandising caravan beyond walls across the map? Or played vs romans spamming 5 army camps around your base CC without any intention to build them up, just to irritate you? Ever seen 3 warships in the smallest puddle on a non naval map? My idea is to found kinda clan, CCC, which is marked in player name, eg: zzippy(CCC). Members of CCC would agree to: - not building any walls - not using caravan between 2 markets/ports - no ships (ports allowed for wood gathering) on non-naval maps - no use of roman armycamps Any thoughts? greets, zippy
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