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  1. How this? You get resources back. This. Do you even play the game vs humans? Whats your nick in the lobby, wowgetoffyourcellphone?
  2. No. You would lose that game.
  3. Really looks great. Unfortunately normally (i.e. in a real game) a player never zooms in that much: it isn't even possible in standard settings, also there is simply no time in a decent match for enjoying detailed unit modelling, since you are fully engaged with stratetic stuff aso. So I have a question: Do those increased unit details affect the game performance (which already is problematic), when there is much more to render? Or does this only affect the GPU?
  4. 1st priority is to win. 2nd too. aso.
  5. This has been answered already, but especially for you, again: Sometimes you have to change your strategy in the game... paired techs do not allow this.
  6. well, on linux, I put above content in a file in my svn main directory (~/0ad), named file "test.patch". Then: cd ~/0ad/sourcepatch -p0 -i ~/0ad/test.patchcd ~/0ad/build/workspaces/gccmake(hope thats correct, otherwise someone may pls correct me)
  7. Hrm, just applied that patch to my svn version. Looks promising; tested punjab map with 300 pop, 1v1 vs ai ....units move faster, no question. Especially that stuttering in movement seems to be gone. Maybe a 2v2 (humans) would be a nice test (atm the lag in 2v2 in a17 is unplayable when 800 units are on the map)? Anybody else here wants to apply and test?
  8. IMHO the tech pairing system added another layer of strategy,... How can pairing add layers of strategy? Please explain. Imho it reduces strategy depth, due to the nature of pairing.
  9. ...please play lots of games vs humans, before suggesting anything, to know what you talk about Aaand, Welcome!!
  10. Again a feature thread which will be lost like tears in the rain (scnr )..... ..imho this game urgently needs a working design comitee (it exists, but..), and also someone (moderator) who bundles the community design suggestions/wishes in an official thread. Atm, its spread all over the forums, a real chaos.
  11. Erm, if you have problems vs petra in easy there seems to be much room to improve your gameplay. Spectate decent players to get an idea of how to build up a working economy which enables you to train more soldiers... http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15271 contents a few nice videos...
  12. ..alpha17 is available even for older ubuntus (12.04/14.04) via ppa:wfg/0ad..
  13. Capacities got decreased....in a16 the cav was able to collect more food in less time afair. And where is the logic in being good for killing dear but no sheep/chicken? Dear is much faster.
  14. Generally it is a good idea to play the actual version (i.e. the developer version/a17) of the game before wasting time on "issues" which do not exist (anymore). Eg: - Hardcounters/boni are eliminated - Skirmcav is nerfed drastically - Women train now faster than soldiers - Techtree/costs is completely redesigned
  15. ...you can stop your opponent building forts, towers... or, if too late, then attack them with siege engines.
  16. Didn't you already decide to fork 0ad? After a period of involvement in 0AD in the Council of Modders as programmer and 3D artist, J.R.I.B.-W. v. W. v. Z. decided to fork 0AD to be able to work on the features and the required changes for a time machine effect that have been rejected in 0AD due to 0AD's vision being significantly different than the one of 0BC.
  17. Good video showing that skirm cav is the only way to go in a16 Players used to this tactic will have to learn a new one in a17 ...
  18. Maybe, but thats for all players. So, all have the same problem to decide wisely which tech to use. Btw -don't get me wrong, no offend- it is sometimes really, really hard to understand what you want to say. Since you are posting much on the forum, is it too hard to learn a little more english?
  19. ...you try to build the fortress with a male citizen?
  20. Thats impossible. You have enough resources? Please show a screenshot.
  21. I suggest you play svn or wait for a17 and judge after you had a few games... In my opinion the roman civ has a bigger problem than that weaker armycamp: No wood/food melee infantry in village phase ..
  22. Thats why it has 25 armor vs pierce attack....
  23. It's the end. Of an overpowered army camp.
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