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  1. ...I just wanted to relativize your argument of houses longer train time, thats all.
  2. yeah, but usually you train from all houses simultanously, means at least 20 (in a 10_pop_house_civ), which is a train time of 1.5 s/woman ...
  3. What kind of hardrive? Toast means exactly (Symptoms)? Did you hard_shutdown and not try to recover data yet (so there might be a chance if no SSD)?
  4. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/16390 They were broken (kinda positive iron costs when training them), string freeze didn't allow to fix them....aaaaand, kinda op anyway (?)
  5. Can you upload that map elsewhere eg filebin.net ?No need to register on sendspace.com .. tnx
  6. ...just wondering, why do women have more crush armor (15) than skirmishers or archers (10)? Since they also have 1 pierce/hack, they are better armored than the citizen skirmishers/archers. Sounds nonsense to me ..
  7. Thats correct. After roman imperium got downhill, the knowledge for siege engines was kinda lost in central europe... Interesting article, unfortunately in german : http://www.regionalgeschichte.net/bibliothek/glossar/alphabet/b/belagerungsmaschinen.html
  8. ...and if you add this, do not forget about the enemy sheep
  9. Well, those famous red herrings I guess
  10. Yes, please yes. Do listen to this. @thatlongtimelurkerusingastolenavatarclaimingtobesomeoneelsebuteverybodyknowsmakingajokeofhisself : It would be really kind of you to learn the meaning of respect imho. And when you are done, go on with "consequence". You permanently tell a team of volunteers, which makes a great job, what they have to to, how they have to do, when they have to do. Cuz viiiiiision. Yours. A great German once said: Who has visions needs a doctor. This might not be always true, but for sure it sometimes fits.
  11. ...just kill the phants with ranged inf, then gather the food with melee cav. And yes, automicro of ranged cav is removed in next alpha, so you have to micro the ranged cav when attacking a phant too, as you had with ranged inf. Btw, wondering why such a great player as you are not participates in svn (a18) testing/balancing...
  12. ....you can "harvest" the poor elephants with ranged inf and a little micro easily too ..
  13. Indeed, too much. On a tiny map 1 horse sees all, on bigger maps 3 horses do the job. Vision range should not be greater than outposts' ; atm its 2-3x ...
  14. ..yeah, but not health. Imho champions should be at least as "healthy" as fully upgraded citizen soldiers...
  15. ..so, what about "rotundatus" ?
  16. This. Unfortunately a constructive discussion in this thread seems impossible, cuz most participants in this thread forget the topic and use this thread as a suggestion thread aso. Whatever, we have feature freeze for a18 in ~ 30 hours, and the main balancing issues of a17 are still not solved: - underpowered (health!!!) champion units - overpowered citizens ( gaul sword cav, persian carriots) I really hope that at least this gets done before release....
  17. There is no difference between roman and athenian skirmisher besides the metal costs instead of wood. Both citizen soldiers.
  18. ..apart from lobby trolls, imho those guys who enter your hosted game and start trolling (for fun, or because game is already full) disturb more, not leaving the game when asked and constantly rejoin when game is running. I really would like to have a in_game (pre_game chat) kick option for the host (@ leper: would send you my last goats) to handle not wanted guests .... preferably combined with a lobby chat ignore option.
  19. ...what about reducing the time the upgrade animation takes? While units upgrade (the animatin runs), they are invulnerable, take no damage. It would reduce the micro which is needed to make own units not to aim at an upgrading enemy ...
  20. Erm, rams_attacking_units just is a placeholder, remember? Pathfinding issue, otherwise it is easily possible (a16) to block a ram with units ...
  21. So, a sword cannot deal both (hack & pierce)? A spear cannot deal pierce? Cuz this is a game? Didn't know this... thanks a lot.
  22. .....showing the lance piercing the side of Jesus on the cross. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Lance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cuz a spear is a melee weapon which causes pierce damage?
  23. Why should pierce dealing melee units do damage to a ram? You need hack dealing units. Guess the problem with op rams will solve itself when champions get buffed, so you can use hack_dealing_champions vs rams.
  24. Did you enable the firewall in sabayon? If so, allow port 20595 UDP, as described eg here: https://wiki.sabayon.org/index.php?title=En:HOWTO:_Introduction_Firewalling_with_UFW#Open_.2F_Close_ports_for_applications
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