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  1. Sure. Buildtime has increased from 160s to 250s, its armor decreased from 10Hack, 40Pierce, 10Crush to 3/25/1 ... Though arrow range might get nerfed too a little, since atm its still 80m, which is more than a cc ..
  2. Can you hit "continue" in that error popup until game finally starts?
  3. Sorry to hear that. Maybe your WM might be involved? Since I have no idea about Mint: Is it a 3D WM? Btw, running KDE/plasma here.... no probs at all.
  4. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Only cuz you seem to misunderstand something totally: I made nothing in this balance branch besides playing and trying to run a discussion. May I ask you ("long time lurker") a question, since your "vision of the game" seems to be pretty similar with someone else' : You are not the former project leader (that one who was responsible for that a16 disaster)?
  5. Formations are taken out temporarily afaik. Though it would be nice to have those from a15 back, until new are done. Are paired techs historically correct? Can a historically correct game even be balanced? Thus, a historically correct game would be a horrible strategy game. Vision? Whatever. I am glad that it is a playable game again... heck, its an alpha, so everything may change.
  6. @ Georges Well, I used to write the wiki articles (related to hybrid graphics) for http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/ . This Wiki (german) is the best ubuntu wiki on this planet, no question. That ubuntu.com wiki is -compared- a joke. Maybe that article is up to date now, but at the beginnings of hybrid graphics in linux they had no idea at all. Anyway, our discussion is a little offtopic and useless, so I stop here.
  7. ..the reason for this was that rams could be blocked easily if no ability to attack humans.
  8. Gravedigging? Btw, in svn (a17) tower range is reduced and can be upgraded via tech. Great solution, imho.
  9. Georges thats nonsense. Hybrid graphics used to work since NVIDIA 319.xx beta. And for all following versions. And, btw, forget that ubuntu.com wiki. It really is mostly outdated.
  10. ..just read the supported products tab on the driver download page.
  11. To rule out thermal issues completely.....do other 3D games have no problems? Whatever, try a shooter, eg nexuiz. Optimus laptops often have a really bad thermal design ootb. If there is a little dust inside, a game may crash. here even on windows; had to drill holes into the backside to improve airflow around the GPU/CPU combining heatpipe. Do not hesitate to visit irc channel #0ad-dev and ask the devs directly what you could do to debug. Shot in the dark: try the 331.xx NVIDIA driver version (assuming your 7xx GPU is supported). Really sorry for your bad luck, btw
  12. following command shows you the current version of your svn: cd 0ad && svnversionIts necessary that in multiplayer games all are on the same version, otherwise there will be an out-of-sync error. To check the current state of svn, visit: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/timeline?from=Sep+10%2C+2014&daysback=7&authors=&changeset=on&sfp_email=&sfph_mail=&update=Update To update your svn, simply run: cd 0ad && svn upHowever, this might not be enough, eg when there was an autobuild in svn. In this case, follow those instructions: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#Keepinguptodate1
  13. Great. No idea whats wrong with NVIDIA on your machine; which driver version do you use? Btw, when loading a map for the very first time you might run into same problems too ..
  14. Doesn't matter. But do not forget to purge bumblebee and bumblebee-nvidia before installing. Alembic, just for fun: What happens when starting the game on Intel session?
  15. The circles? You mean glxspheres? Forget it. I made "real" benchmarks with both (I used to support bumblebee/prime/nvidia-prime a lot in ubuntuusers.de), bumblebee and nvidia-prime, using 3D games or eg Tropico benchmark; its, as said, around 50% faster. ............................. Back to topic? You still have the problems I guess. unfortunately I have no idea whats wrong, your graphics are fine. Hope the devs have a suggestion...
  16. Sry, I was talking about nvidia-prime. Sure, prime with nouveau would be a mess ...
  17. Those 60 FPS limitation is due to synced refresh rate of monitor(default for Intel driver), which does not work when Nvidia writes into Intels framebuffer. Also this gives wrong benchmark results; forget those 1100 FPS , thats just an error in measurement. In fact prime is ~ 50% faster than bumblebee, also the CPU has less work (no need to copy frames around the system).
  18. @ Alembic Sorry, all looks fine. I myself have an Optimus laptop, using nvidia-prime. No problems on Intel nor Nvidia GPU.
  19. No idea, try: optirun ~/0ad/binaries/system/pyrogenesisBUT: I highly recommend using prime instead of bumblebee. Bumblebee is kinda outdated; you loose a lot of FPS since it copies the frames via primusrun to the Intel GPU. Meanwhile there is a kernel patch which allows the NVIDIA driver to write directly into the Intel frame buffer.
  20. @ Alembic Hrm, strange. Maybe the devs have an idea. Meanwhile, can you install mesa-utils sudo apt-get install mesa-utilsand show me (just interested in your graphics, curious if you have hardware acceleration) output of: lspci -nnk | grep "VGA\|'Kern'\|3D\|Display" -A2 and glxinfo?
  21. @ Georges sudo perl -i -pe 's/(^#elif _MSC_VER >= 1600).*/#elif defined(_MSC_VER) && _MSC_VER >= 1600/' /usr/include/mozjs-24/mozilla/NullPtr.his correct. Anyway, it only suppresses warnings.
  22. This might happen when running the game the very first time...or does it stay like in the pic above, not only building up extremely slowly? Start it again.. Also pls try not to start game from terminal, but navigating with your file manager to 0ad/binaries/system and clicking directly on "pyrogenesis"
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