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  1. thanks! and 500+ units means pop points, because the catapult for example has 5 pop cost and elephants 3
  2. in the second punic wr carthage controls a huge part of iberian peninsula, we can put a technology that unlocks the function on train iberian mercenaries at barracks *Notes: * i think that this technology would be the only millitarry technology avaible for village phase * The Celt and Samnite mercenaries gonne be unmodificated, we don't mod it
  3. i understand it, because the "mauryan bug" Mauryyans implemented on A13, but on A14 were buggy "elephants without animations" only on A15 are Stable
  4. that means that on 0AD the first catafract is: the Selecucid?? the rest are only catafract-style??
  5. the persian champion calvary is a catafract??, i see it very protected as a cataphract, and with same appereance of seleucid catafract, for this reason i ask it
  6. in a game aganist aegis, independient of my civ and enemy civ, what is better? * Launch "small", but frequent attacks aganist enemy * surrive to enemy army, and launch few but huge armies??? conventions: * small -100 * huge +500 ?
  7. i don't have a huge knowledge about Javascript, but i know a few of it the funcion operators the DOM basic functions "docement.getElementById" if / else operator a very few of random "only Math.random and a "strong" knowledge of Canvas API but a hardcore knowledge not, but with this "basic" knowledge i can do things as: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/101275290/BBB.html full compatible on Firefox, semi-compatible on webkit, bad on presto and ie but i don't know about JSON notation .
  8. how i can create my first random map??? i understand how create my scenarios and skrmishes! "With Scanario Editor", but i don't know how create my first random map
  9. i create a mod for my 0AD "by SVN" a germanic Faction, buggy, "THE AI don't undestand how game", but with more units, more tidy and poweful, with many organization on design, but a simple remix of celtic faction https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/101275290/germania.tar.gz
  10. 2 handed swrod??? such as delamokludda?
  11. are you saying that i need redownload the 0AD public mod????????? and create a new folder callded "mod"? i need change structures/egypt_mill for structures/egypt_storehouse ?
  12. the britons should be very bad on open terrainsd but powerful on forests!, such as the gauls, but with moderated efffects britons on open terrain: britons: open lan =-5 armor gauls: open land =-2 armor
  13. i update the topic with more information about my game setup
  14. i setup a match Carthaginians "me" vs Britons "Aegis Medium" map: persian highlands giant Pop cap: Unlimited Start enties: 18, my 9 units and 9 enemies * Starting Resources: Very High "3000" Reveal Map: Yes Lock teams: default but the pathfinding is frozen at 100%, and i can't play is frozen for hours version: Alpha XV Osirios, "SVN 14386" PC: Rfremix "Fedora" 19 i386 Extras: Mod Aristeia installed the code: cd binaries/system[alvin@localhost system]$ ./pyrogenesisCache: 200 (total: 1979) MiBTIMER| InitVfs: 87.0798 msSound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL SoftTIMER| CONFIG_Init: 205.886 msTIMER| InitScripting: 122.506 msATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment.TIMER| RunHardwareDetection: 93.2862 msTIMER| write_sys_info: 16.6091 msTIMER| InitRenderer: 29.9398 msTIMER| ps_console: 9.70293 msTIMER| ps_lang_hotkeys: 1.44364 msTIMER| common/setup.xml: 36.9471 msTIMER| common/styles.xml: 16.8785 msTIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 7.64249 msTIMER| common/init.xml: 2.32556 msTIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 12.0038 msTIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 737.401 usTIMER| pregame/sprites.xml: 13.051 msTIMER| pregame/styles.xml: 310.243 usTIMER| pregame/mainmenu.xml: 68.0842 msTIMER| common/global.xml: 799.716 usTIMER| common/setup.xml: 890.003 usTIMER| common/styles.xml: 50.067 usTIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 2.43649 msTIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 2.88745 msTIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 371.312 usTIMER| splashscreen/styles.xml: 703.86 usTIMER| splashscreen/setup.xml: 548.282 usTIMER| splashscreen/splashscreen.xml: 22.2389 mssys_cursor_create: using Xcursor to create 32 x 32 cursorTIMER| common/setup.xml: 1.30948 msTIMER| common/styles.xml: 91.716 usTIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 2.77733 msTIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 2.97074 msTIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 359.38 usTIMER| gamesetup/setup.xml: 12.224 msTIMER| gamesetup/sprites.xml: 310.974 usTIMER| gamesetup/styles.xml: 357.01 usTIMER| gamesetup/gamesetup.xml: 20.4493 msTIMER| common/global.xml: 506.112 usTIMER| common/setup.xml: 883.272 usTIMER| common/styles.xml: 48.23 usTIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 2.46291 msTIMER| common/init.xml: 1.45348 msTIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 2.96498 msTIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 355.84 usTIMER| loading/styles.xml: 21.5519 msTIMER| loading/sprites.xml: 901.369 usTIMER| loading/loading.xml: 3.74189 msTIMER| common/global.xml: 393.153 ussys_cursor_create: using Xcursor to create 32 x 32 cursorWARNING: [ParamNode] Could not remove token 'pair_cav_01' from node 'Technologies' in 'structures/egypt_barracks'; not present in list nor inherited (possible typo?)ERROR: CCacheLoader failed to find archived or source file for: "simulation/templates/template_structure_economic_mill.xml"ERROR: Failed to load parent 'template_structure_economic_mill' of entity template 'structures/egypt_mill'ERROR: Failed to load entity template 'structures/egypt_mill'TIMER| ParseTerrain: 26.7044 msTIMER| ParseEntities: 3.40177 s
  15. i have an idea to carthage, Carthage on 2nd punic war controled 65% of iberian peninsula,i think that on barracks we can put a technology for train iberian units on barracks and garrison soldiers on embassies
  16. i gonna explain you: 1 turn off the game 2. open gedit and edit the file, i put as armor flaming javelin i edit the file and this is the result: "after i run the game" <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><actor version="1"> <castshadow/> <group> <variant frequency="100" name="Base"> <animations> <animation file="infantry/general/dude/dudeidle.psa" name="Idle" speed="100"/> <animation event="0.5" file="infantry/javelin/attack/ijv_off_01.psa" load="0" name="attack_ranged" speed="75"/> <animation event="0.5" file="infantry/sword/attack/isw_s_off_05.psa" name="attack_slaughter" speed="100"/> <animation file="biped/walk_spearshield.psa" name="Walk" speed="120"/> <animation file="infantry/sword/move/run/isw_s_off_01.psa" name="Run" speed="30"/> <animation file="infantry/sword/move/run/isw_s_def_02.psa" name="Run" speed="30"/> <animation file="infantry/sword/move/run/isw_s_em_03.psa" name="Run" speed="30"/> <animation file="biped/walk_spearshield.psa" name="carry_food" speed="120"/> <animation file="biped/walk_spearshield.psa" name="carry_meat" speed="120"/> <animation file="biped/walk_spearshield.psa" name="carry_wood" speed="120"/> <animation file="biped/walk_spearshield.psa" name="carry_stone" speed="120"/> <animation file="biped/walk_spearshield.psa" name="carry_metal" speed="120"/> <animation event="0.23" file="infantry/general/chop.psa" name="gather_tree" speed="250"/> <animation file="biped/hoe.psa" name="gather_grain" speed="300"/> <animation file="infantry/general/forage.psa" name="gather_fruit" speed="125"/> <animation file="infantry/general/forage.psa" name="gather_meat" speed="125"/> <animation event="0.43" file="infantry/general/mine.psa" name="gather_rock" speed="250"/> <animation event="0.43" file="infantry/general/mine.psa" name="gather_ore" speed="250"/> <animation event="0.43" file="infantry/general/mine.psa" name="gather_ruins" speed="250"/> <animation event="0.6" file="infantry/general/dude/dudebuild.psa" name="Build" speed="300"/> <animation file="infantry/general/death/inf_01.psa" name="Death" speed="400"/> <animation file="infantry/general/death/inf_02.psa" name="Death" speed="700"/> <animation file="infantry/general/death/inf_03.psa" name="Death" speed="500"/> <animation file="infantry/general/death/inf_04.psa" name="Death" speed="400"/> <animation file="infantry/general/death/inf_06.psa" name="Death" speed="500"/> <animation file="infantry/general/death/inf_07.psa" name="Death" speed="400"/> <animation file="biped/inf_salute_c.psa" name="Promotion" speed="450"/> </animations> <mesh>skeletal/m_tunic_short.dae</mesh> <props> <prop actor="props/units/heads/head_iber_isl_b.xml" attachpoint="head"/> <prop actor="props/units/weapons/jav_projectile_flame.xml" attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/weapons/jav_projectile_flame.xml" attachpoint="l_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/shields/iberian_buckler_basic.xml" attachpoint="shield"/> </props> <textures><texture file="skeletal/iber_isw_b_3.dds" name="baseTex"/></textures> </variant> </group> <group> <variant frequency="100" name="Idle"/> <variant name="attack_ranged"> <props> <prop attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/weapons/jav_loaded.xml" attachpoint="loaded-r_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/weapons/jav_iron.xml" attachpoint="projectile"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="attack_slaughter"> <props> <prop actor="props/units/weapons/knife.xml" attachpoint="r_hand"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="gather_tree"> <props> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> <prop attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/tools/axe.xml" attachpoint="l_hand"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="gather_grain"> <props> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> <prop attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/tools/hoe.xml" attachpoint="l_hand"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="gather_fruit"> <props> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> <prop attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop attachpoint="l_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/tools/basket.xml" attachpoint="l_leg"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="gather_meat"> <props> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> <prop attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop attachpoint="l_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/tools/basket.xml" attachpoint="l_leg"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="gather_rock"> <props> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> <prop attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/tools/pick.xml" attachpoint="l_hand"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="gather_ore"> <props> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> <prop attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/tools/pick.xml" attachpoint="l_hand"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="gather_ruins"> <props> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> <prop attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/tools/pick.xml" attachpoint="l_hand"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="Build"> <props> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> <prop attachpoint="l_hand"/> <prop actor="props/units/tools/mallet.xml" attachpoint="r_hand"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="carry_food"> <props> <prop actor="props/units/shuttle_basket.xml" attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop attachpoint="l_hand"/> <prop attachpoint="helmet"/> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="carry_meat"> <props> <prop actor="props/units/shuttle_meat.xml" attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop attachpoint="l_hand"/> <prop attachpoint="helmet"/> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="carry_wood"> <props> <prop actor="props/units/shuttle_wood.xml" attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop actor="" attachpoint="l_hand"/> <prop attachpoint="helmet"/> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="carry_stone"> <props> <prop actor="props/units/shuttle_stone.xml" attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop actor="" attachpoint="l_hand"/> <prop attachpoint="helmet"/> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> </props> </variant> <variant name="carry_metal"> <props> <prop actor="props/units/shuttle_metal.xml" attachpoint="r_hand"/> <prop actor="" attachpoint="l_hand"/> <prop attachpoint="helmet"/> <prop attachpoint="shield"/> </props> </variant> </group> <material>player_trans.xml</material></actor>
  17. i edited /art/actors/units/carthaginians/infantry_javelinist_b.xml "/" means public folder
  18. I have a question, how i can change the armours??? example: Carthaginian Javlininist can shoot flomg javelins??? i try put the props of flaming javelin, but when i put the battle this units shoots the default javelins!
  19. The iberian mercenary Skrmisher, can shoots flaming proyectiles here i get the tvidence, i know that i can mod the ibearian skrmisher, but the flaming javelin would be the default weapon https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batalla_de_Cannas#Equipamiento
  20. i understand therefore i get a more realistic icon, not the "hollywoodized icon"
  21. yeah!!! but with the icons says it url http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3ej2CMKQ8QA/TyXrAKphAMI/AAAAAAAAAKU/ZDMqKtRm7tI/s320/cart_cuirasselephant.png
  22. carthage don't abadon the chariot in this wars, in fact carthage surrive tu a huge attack of dionisius of siracuse, with only chariots!, but in the punic wars, and samall, and "random" trarrain of italy and this islands the chariots are very unuse@#&#036;%, huge and "slow", and expensive, were replaced by numidian javelinist
  23. Is a fact that Carthage used towered elephants on the zama battle "the fail was that carthage used teen and untamed elephants", with seleucid appereance, but carthaginian style this is my evidence http://bet-ilim.blogspot.de/2012/01/military-of-ancient-canaan.html
  24. Syntagma and Phalanx are associatted with: * Grreks * Macedonia * Diadochi but there is a none-heenistic state that uses this formations, Cartage, since Jantipus' reforms, he get the phalanx and syntagma formations for Carthage, Sehir Hanit as Holipites, Sacred Band of Baal, as Spartaties "Jantipus was born in Sparta", Chariots aside "after numidian calvary" after Cartage during punic wasa mantatin this formatins with a few changes, on left ranged units "numidian, calvary, iberian mercenaries", and on the right the "heavy units": * Swordmen: Samnites and Celts * and on the "rightest" side of army the calvary "iberian and celt", and the true side left the Sacred Band of Astarte a few images about the "phalanx on carthage" my evidence is: http://bet-ilim.blogspot.de/2012/01/military-of-ancient-canaan.html
  25. i compile 0AD from SVN! i am using Rfremix 19, but today Rfremix 20 is released, and i have a question, is possible backup my 0ad compilaton? explanation: save the 0AD compilation on a pendrive, when i installed Rfremix 20, copy the "USB version" to the computer, and for play i only need run: su -c yum install gcc-c++ python subversion zip cmake boost-devel libcurl-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel libvorbis-devel libxml2-devel openal-soft-devel pkgconfig SDL-devel wxGTK-devel gloox-develis it possible??? or i must get all code and compile?
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