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  1. Sorry for interrupting, but for question 2 I recommend you to ask people of the Battle for Wesnoth project (especially Dave). All others question will still be relevant since they are too an open source game development team and you can consider their project is somewhat finished (relatively, since people will improve it over time), with a large community and lots of user-made contents. I wish you good luck with your review.
  2. hhyloc


    Maybe they can be used to find truffles
  3. Thanks for the post, I'm downloading it right now. Obvious advertisement is obvious I suggest you add the link to your signature, so people can see it every time you post.
  4. How about Hagmatāna ? The name fits with the Persian theme too. Hagmatāna is old Persian for the city of Ecbatana, which literally means "the place of gathering", believed to be the capital of the Median Empire taken by the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great during his revolt. Cyrus along with Harpagus led his armies against the Medes in many battles until it's capture in 549 BC from Astyages, effectively conquering the Median Empire. Under the rule of Darius the Great, the city was greatly expanded and served as the summer capital for the empire. This is also the place where Bessus, the (unofficial) last king of the Persian Empire was killed for his murder of Darius III. Edit: I've noticed that ribez has suggested it earlier, oh well.
  5. Units will have stamina once running/charging get implemented, some units (light, scout, cavalry ...) can charge the enemy for added attack strength but the stamina bar will slowly drains while running, when the bar run out they will be forced to walk instead. See this: clicky
  6. hhyloc


    I believe this is possible, but I don't think it'll worth the effort. Also, corraled animals will eventually provide a steady source of food and don't have to be killed.
  7. I agree, this is something we should save for later discussions when the balance aspect is needed and gameplay features are refined.
  8. Thanks! About the limit, a Roman army built many Castra in their march so perhaps for reality sake we shouldn't enforce a limit on this special building. On the other hand, a Castrum is basically a cheap barrack + fort in-game and allow player to build unlimited Castra might make the Romans overpowered consider how efficient Castra are and other faction's special buidings have limit. Great!
  9. Talking about the Roman, how about Stratopedon (Castrum) as a special building for the Roman? They'll act like "forward bases" and can be used as a defensive structure or a small version of the barrack to recruit soldiers.
  10. In my opinion we should have options here, every units should capture building by default but there should be an option to destroy it instead (with archers switch to fire arrow).
  11. I should have done this earlier, but I guess it's not too late for me to say: Welcome! This calls for a celebration!
  12. Thanks for your clear and detailed answer!
  13. Hello, today after downloading and messing around with the latest svn version, I must say that it's was awesome with all the new features and stuffs (namely the Persians and better unit infos ..) But I encountered a problem with this version though. At the start of any scenario, it takes quite a while for the game to fully load all the textures. This only happens when I first start a scenario, at the second time everything is fine. Look at the screenshot below (taken after ~5s): I guess this problem isn't a big deal, but I wanted to know if I can fix this or at least improve the textures loading performance. Thanks in advance
  14. Chill out guys, maybe he has been too busy lately to post a progress report here, I'm sure he is too eager to show his works to us .
  15. Cool! The screenshot really did show off the improvements. I'm glad that alpha 8 is coming up nicely :-)
  16. I think this is a planned feature: clicky
  17. I'm not certain that an extra unit like this will be add to the Carthaginian, since the faction already has the wildest unit roster.
  18. Awesome! Thanks for your update.
  19. From the chat box on Scion Development forum Tobio123 - August 15th, 2011, 1:11 am: We haven't die have we? Kimball - September 14th, 2011. 11:59 pm: It would appear that way.
  20. Talking about Diplomacy, will there be any diplomatic options for enemies? i.e. you can pay tribute to your enemy so he won't attack you for a while, or form an temporally alliance again a common foe? And perhaps a technology to reduce these percentage?
  21. Hi! I believe the WFG team is interested in translations of languages, but right now the game is still under heavy development so many in-game texts are still subject to change so perhaps you should wait for a while . I'm sure that they'll announce it when the game is completed and the texts are ready to be translate to other languages.
  22. According to the roadmap: 5 weeks, maybe?
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