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  1. I'm not a Linux user, however if I understand it correctly you can find a VPN provider/software for your Linux distribution, just search "VPN for Linux" and it will yield many useful links. Follow the instructions to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and advertise it to people so they'll join your network. A central, dedicated server incorporated into the game is a much-wished feature in my opinion, however with limited fund it's not an easy feat. I still hope that it'll come into reality someday.
  2. A svn version is nice if you can't wait, but on the other hand, you may want to do like I'm doing now: wait until the official version is released and enjoy the guaranteed joy and surprise with many new, awesome features.
  3. I think a "Call to Arm" button should work like the militia button in Warcraft 3, except that it'll work on every citizen soldiers on-screen that were gathering. The player can use it in conjunction with the town bell button to get every female citizen to garrison inside buildings for better defense against raids.
  4. I have varied playstyle because I've not developed a good strategy for my own yet so sometime I can be very defensive (with Cart) or aggressive (constantly rush my opponent with Celts).
  5. Good idea, IIRC in the final game the camels and elephants will be able to scare off calvary, or at least make it flinch from attacking, would be a nice bonus for the trade camels too.
  6. Hello Frederico. I'm glad that more and more people are coming to this awesome game, especially when they're talented and could become potential contributors in the future, I'll leave it to the developers to point out the exact things you could contribute to. In the mean time, welcome to the forums!
  7. Yes, I remember hearing he said that too, pretty hilarious
  8. Look like a small but hard-to-break fort, especially with it's position on a sloping hill
  9. I'm pretty sure all the features you suggest are planned but not implemented yet, these features will be implemented eventually. Just wait and see.
  10. Interesting! I wish all my history lessons were in video form like this one.
  11. lol, if we had that many Hannibal in real life, the Romans would have been screwed.
  12. The camelry was scraped for other cavalry units that fit the Persians more. For your second question: Yes, they will eventually.
  13. I can see a problem if the buildings were real size: they take more spaces, it mean the player will see less on a screen and have to scroll more to manage around his base.
  14. I agree to what you said, although my suggestion didn't mean it should be the only option either. Normally, I tend to favor the realistic part of the game and forget about gameplay, so my suggestions can be dubious from time to time. My suggestion was to make that an in-game battle will look more like real-life ancient battles (set battle, ranks close up on each other and stuffs...) although ambush or skirmish battles will still be an option.
  15. The cavalry can be used to deal with skirmishers, chase them off the field and then return for flanking attack. But if the cavalry was busy, then your own skirmishers can bring up the same effect, but maybe to a lesser extent. Also, I think the formation system could be tweaked to improve units cohesion, so two infantry formations will crash into eachother, the cavaliers in two flanks and the skirmishers behind. Each unit type will focus on its goal only (infantry vs infantry, cavalry vs cavalry, skirmisher for support fire).
  16. 1. IIRC, it's planned to have the captured building able to train your own units only, at least by default until the player research a technology. So even if the Iberians player managed to capture an enemy's dock, he will only able to train his faction ships only. 2. I think for neutral buildings like the Pirate Stronghold, we should make it undestroyable by any player, like the merc buldings in Warcraft III.
  17. An option to hire mercenary ships is nice, although I think we should give this option to the Iberian only. Because a Pirate Stronghold will work for any sides which captured it, so other factions - with its superior naval ships, can rush in and quickly overpower the Iberian ships and capture the Stronghold, fortified it with many ships, and thus prevent the Iberian from re-capture it and cripple them effectively in any future naval battles.
  18. Err, I'm confused. What does a dog have to do with 0 AD? That said, he must actually be a good dog to receive such love from his owner.
  19. It's nice too see the game improves and advances with a steady rate everyday thanks to your hardwork Philip And since the Pledgie donation campaign has finished with (at least) 13$ dollars over goal, I wonder that will you continue to work full-time for another month?
  20. We could have a research that adds a fire arrow attack to merchant ships like that of ranged infantry, or just garrison ranged infantries with fire attack in the ship. Maybe both.
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