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  1. I played a game as carthaginians vs a friend who played celts (and romans in the second game) and both games i made 20 hannibal barca's (within 15-20 minutes or so) and the score was: 7 units lost and 300 units killed. This should'nt be the case, especially because he made only anti-elephant units like skirmishers. The skirmishers do 25 damage vs the hannibal unit, but the skirm is killed in 2 attacks from the hannibal unit. Because the hannibal unit is faster + the skirmischer has a huge minimumrange, it is quite impossible to use any kind of micro against more then 1 hannibal unit. 1.My suggestion is: let players have only 1 hannibal at a time, or maybe even only 1 hannibal during the entire game. 2. If this is not supported, another idea might be: give the hannibal unit 15 population instead of 3 and give the unit a training time of 5 minutes or something like that. That way, the units can still be massed, but you will never have more then 5-10 at the same time in the game (unless your opponent sleeps). Also dump your suggestions about other units in the game! Let the balancing begin.
  2. Also take a look at Cossacks! If you get 0 food villagers are going to die one by one. If you get 0 coal, your units can't shoot their firearms. If you get 0 gold, the mercenaries are going to turn against you. It is just another idea stolen from a good game .
  3. Hey everybody, It may be clear to every age of empires- and other RTS fans, that age of empires online is getting most of the attention because of the name of the franchise. I have played the beta of aoeo, and to be frankly honest, it is a good game, but there is something about it, which makes a lot of the player vs player fans of age of empires mad: 1.It's the fact that the game has lost all its balance. Age of empires will become the game of the player who spends the most hours, opens the most chests and therefore earns the best gear, age-up-advisors, and ofcourse the best stuff to craft for the units (you have common, uncommon,rare, and epic gear). 2. Besides that, the game is for the main part about playing versus the AI. There isn't any attempt to make recorded games possible or good player statistics and eloratings. The balancing isseus will stay the main concern for pvp players. My main idea about the future of 0AD would be: 1. Make it the best multiplayer experience possible. Focus every effort on creating that superb multiplayer experience, because the makers of age of empires online are making a MMO-AI-style-pyramid-game and 0ad should be serving the other type of players (as main strategy). The other type of players are mostly concerned about: good balanced and fair competition, skill above money paid and hours played (->to earn epic gear which gives 70% more attack, 70% more hitpoints, 30% more speed/line of sight to every of the units, +35% gathering speed for villagers etc., and they claim to create a balanced game...). 2. Try to make all the possible connections with agesanctuary.com players. Especcially the best AOE3 players who made the Fanpatch. It's a great RTS community. Let those players (much of them where top 100 of aoe3) help you playtest the game and make it into the best possible multiplayer experience. Yes, i know it sounds a bit silly to ask them for it, but they are the people who allready decided that aoeo might not be the right game for them. Besides, they are really balancing experts, and they have good idea's about how multiplayer games should be like. I allready enjoyed more multiplayer games with friends in 0ad then in age of empires online !
  4. I have played the game with a friend and i injoyed it, but ofcourse whe had some suggestions: -hotkeys make the game more playable (we used litterally thousands of mouseclicks to play the game). 1.ctrl+1-9 to select groups with a hotkey would be great to have 2. dubbelclick to select the same units and/ or buildings would be nice: lets say i want to train 40 villagers in 40 houses, i just want to dubbelclick 1 house and select them all 40 because of the dubbelclick and click the train a villager once to train 40 villagers. ( this will save 80-3=77 mouseclicks...). The same for selecting 10 baraks at once etc... 3. I would like to use shift to train 5 units at once instead of clicking 5 times and i would like to click a button to let a barack and other buildings train units continiously, unless i unclick the button. 4. the economy is to fast or the units to cheap, it is a very fast game, inwhich the best units are trainable almost immediately, while the coolest thing about RTS is the building up of a empire ( not nesseceraly by aging up a few times). 5. Because of the speed of the economy, the resources are gone very fast. Within only a few minutes there where no resources left on the map. By the way, whe really like the game, so thanks for making it!
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