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  1. It's nice to have a knowledgeable person around to hep with the history aspect, I'm looking forward to seeing your contributions in the future.
  2. Mini factions would be fit for campaigns, but I think it's not a priority now. We should get the major factions others gameplay features done first
  3. I have a question: Since we got Athenians, Spartans and Macedonians now, what will happen to the generic Hellenes faction?
  4. Hello David, welcome to the forums! Your war elephants are powerful David, but they will be no match for my Hastati with maniple formation.
  5. Great! I asked about this on ModDB but didn't get any answer, at last my wish was fulfilled
  6. Sounds like a huge workload.
  7. Not likely I think, it would require much work. That time can be used to improve many things.
  8. Sounds fair, but this resource pool is different from the current resource stockpile right?
  9. Then the player with enough resource can build many markets close to each other (to regenerate resources faster) and build one market very far away and send all traders to that market (for higher profit) and so bypassed the resource pool mechanism, sound likes an exploitation to me. Also, will the market's resource pool directly connect to the player's main stockpile? If so, how much the markets will acquire?
  10. Nice video Pureon! The game will be much enjoyable with less lags, wall system, healing, new soundtracks, better graphic and many more.. Alpha X is so close now.
  11. Sometimes limitations are what needed to balance things out, but yeah I agree that we should try to avoid adding too much limitations.
  12. IMHO adding techs to the phase requirement could be interesting, to simulate the advancements needed to expand a settlement, although these techs themselves shouldn't be too hard to get (perhaps the basic ones only)
  13. Okay, whatever you (the coders) think is best suited for scripting in 0 A.D. I'll agree wholeheartedly
  14. Maybe we should change the "Wildfire Games" image to link to Wildfire Games home page and rename "Wildfire Games Home" to "0 A.D. Homepage" and link it back to the game home page?
  15. A bit offtopic: Maybe natural disasters (and other types of event) could be done with a scripting language? Lua IMHO is best suited for this task, or we can even devise our own scripting language for 0 AD. I'm not a developer so I can't delve much into this however.
  16. The release day is planned to be 1 week after feature freeze and that was 5 days ago, so you can expect it to come out in 2 days
  17. The new forum theme is awesome! I love it!
  18. Head to 0 A.D. project page at ModDB for more screens and info about the new releases Link: http://www.moddb.com/games/0-ad
  19. This made me even more impatient, I can't wait to try out the improved AI in alpha 10
  20. Maybe for skirmishers and archers (both infantry and cavalry), we should give them a penalty (reduced damage) against siege units and reduce Crush damage of ranged cavalry since it's not a good practice for ranged cavalry to ram their opponents?
  21. Yes, the Romans were mauled badly when it come down to dealing with mobile, light ranged cavalry. The Huns proved that
  22. You don't need a software for that, just press F2 and the game will take a screenshot and tell you where the picture is saved to.
  23. While we are at it, I think other forums could use a change too. Personally I think Introduction and Off-Topic should be separated into 2 different forums, the same goes to General Discussion and Ideas, they could be separated into 2 forums/sub forums, also remove the Feedback from Help and combine it with General Discussion. My forums theme: - Announcements/News (Latest news and blog) - Introduction (Introduce yourself and say Hi to people) - Help (Questions about the game, strategies, tips and tricks) - General Discussion (Discuss the game here) - Ideas (Got some great ideas? Post them here!) - Development and Technical Discussion (The name says it all) Subs: Applications and contributions and Bug reports - Game Modification (For modders) - Off-Topic
  24. Tech tree will be available once technology is implemented I think.
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