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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it the Ekdromoi's light armor doesn't guarantee that he will be able to catch a peltast, but to exit the phalanx formation when the situation requires, fight in loose formation and push the enemy skirmishers away since the peltasts are smart enough to avoid a direct melee with even the lightly armored Ekdromos.
  2. It's nice to get to know people behind those wonderful works, I'm looking forward to seeing your future contributions.
  3. Agree! We're all waiting in eagerness
  4. Nice! I have one some questions though: Will there be any ways for a building to resist capturing beside killing the invaders? Like a "priest" unit garrisons inside or within an aura of loyalty? Will the loyalty stat replenish on it own over time? Or a unit must "repair" it? Wouldn't the capture mechanism conflict with the dynamic territory we're having right now? Let's say you're capturing an enemy's Civ Center, once converted to your side, the Civ Center will generate around it a very large border that will possibly cover all enemy base and thus converts the whole base to your side! In the end you only have to capture Civ Center to defeat your enemy . The same can be applies to other, capturable buildings.
  5. Looks pretty neat! I'll definitely watch it when I have time.
  6. A playlist of ancient battles on YouTube: Enjoy!
  7. If you have IDM installed, you'll be able to download the soundtracks from bandcamp or youtube.
  8. I can't wait to play the Persian!
  9. Maybe this is off-topic, but why don't we just put some more ads (beside the Ancient Warfare magazine ad) on the 0 A.D. homepage? This way we don't have to sacrifice the game's nature of being open source while still generate an income? Now back to the idea, more money is sure good for the WFG team, but on the other hand like quantumstate has pointed out, this may violate with the game's open source philosophy. Perhaps a team member should shed light on this?
  10. When I'm saying where to use your archers, i don't mean the wind will be stronger in some areas of the map than others but I mean if the archers are firing at the same direction of the wind they will have a bonus to the range of attack so the player can position his archers to exploit this. This image below should demonstrate this. While I agree to you that chance shouldn't be a significant factor in determining the outcome of games. I also think that chance also increase the depth of strategy, it's not like adding a dice into the game to decide which army will win, it require the player to plan ahead, ready to exploit good luck (wind direction in this case) and prepare backup plan in case of bad luck. Maybe the wind direction is a significant factor, but it's not a deciding factor, a player decent enough can still overcome bad luck and a noob can't win with just good luck only.
  11. Optimistic indeed, still this is an ambitious project so I guess I have the right to place my hope in the future
  12. I agree It would nice to have more civs in future expansions like Saxon, Goth, Hun, Dacian, etc...
  13. Because the timescale in 0 A.D. is different from our real world timescale, a week in 0 A.D. will probably be the same to 1 hour in our timescale, so I believe it'll come down to when and where to use your archers instead of how many archers to recruit since wind direction will change very fast either in your favor or your opponent's. Wind direction will also alter the accuracy of siege projectiles so it can change the outcome of the battle but not very significantly.
  14. This is a planned feature IIRC, I'm not sure about the others though. IMHO other aspects like the sun or wind direction will be nice to have if the weather get implemented.Regarding the morale idea, an entry from the offical FAQ: clicky
  15. Who is THAT woman??? Is that Boudicca ?
  16. Hi! Today I stumbled upon a "social micropayments" website called Flattr. This is how it works: a Flattr user will decide how much he want to spend per month, 5$ for example. Then he can donate to the content/website that featured Flattr button. At the end of the month, the money will be distributed between everything he has clicked on. So if he has clicked 5 Flattr buttons on 5 different website in that month, each website/team will receive 1$. Sounds simple? I think this is worth adding to the WFG website as another way to donate (beside PayPal) to this great game. Thoughts?
  17. @Lion.Kanzen There's an edit post button so there are no need to triple post
  18. It's strange that the deciduous bushes actually give wood when "harvested" (with axes!), they are bushes after all. So perhaps it would be more realistic if the bushes won't give any wood at all but the player still have to "harvest" it to clear ground for buildings or farms. The bushes are shown in the screenshot below with citizens harvesting them.
  19. I believe an art contributor will know which comment is from a peanut gallery and take it with stride.
  20. Cool idea, but I'm not sure if ancient civilizations actually have dedicated marine force. For the Carthage, a mercenary pirate/sea raider would sound reasonable, but I could be wrong though.
  21. I guess that makes sense, we'll see how this turns out once all the features are implemented
  22. I think the mercenaries (especially Celtic mercenaries) cost too much metal, the mercenaries is supposed to form the bulk of the Carthaginian army but due to their high metal cost I actually prefer to use regular soldiers instead, the high metal cost of these mercenaries also lead to an unbalanced resource stockpile, when playing Carthaginian my food, wood and stone to some degree are always abundant while Metal is badly needed even when there are already many citizens mining. Other than that, Carthaginian is a powerful faction indeed.
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