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  1. I await the day a persistent online citybuilder/rts game comes out But this game is not that haha it's a really good rts
  2. So just record a match vs qbot and link you too the recorded video on youtube?
  3. From what phase will walls be available from when phases are implemented?
  4. Cool! it's looks so much better now progress ftw
  5. Awesome! Good job on the ballista on the boat as well Also those Celtic walls are sexy
  6. Nice KayEhn! I think I'll make one to show some love to the Celts or Iberians
  7. I don't think you can but like Kanzen said try Imageshack it's really easy nice pic btw Kanzen I may be mistaken but are those gates at the northern walls? Do gates work now ?
  8. What could distinct egypt from persia to make it worth creating?
  9. Thanks guys! I look forward to your creation Geek377 Maybe we should have a section in the forums for creations in general if more people get interested
  10. Come on guys let's show off our towns!
  11. The Barcas are famous Carthaginian leaders(Hannibal Barca is the most famous) I'm sure they already planned for them to be limited to 1 So you pretty much screwed your friend by playing unfairly spamming hero units haha
  12. I disagree with changing the skirmish units I think that is what skirmishers are meant for Inf aren't meant to catch skirms thats the cavs job Although it would be nice to be able to tweak unit priorities in game such as civilian/inf/cavalry/ranged/buildings
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