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@stanislas69Would that be the same as resource leaks? I speculated on that before, but didn't get any reaction...

On 11/17/2018 at 5:37 PM, Gurken Khan said:

I thought maybe it was a RAM issue. I looked a bit for 'OS error = 8' which to me seemed to point more in the direction of resource leaks?

I have no actual debugging experience, but should I maybe install some tool to see if I can catch what's going on?


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pyrogenesis.exe stopped working.


Displayed time was 19:03 (close to that 20min mark I mentioned before), which on turtle speed actually means >3hrs.

Dunno why the mainlog updated at the time of the crash (nothing interesting in there), but the other logs again didn't catch $#!+:


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I watched the replay of the first part of that game above: all units were working correctly, so I assume there was a problem with an earlier loaded save file.


And the game crashed again, again I have no additional info to provide. If maybe @stanislas69or someone else has another idea about this memory leak suspicion...?

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