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Found 5 results

  1. I'm working on a simple re-skin mod that will give the Ptolemaic faction's native Egyptian units (such as the female citizen and the Egyptian pikeman) darker skin tones through mesh-swapping. As of this morning, I've managed to get the female citizen's re-skin working, but not the re-skin for the pikemen, and I need to change the unit icons as well.
  2. Hello, I launched Atlas recently to see existing animals, and I noticed one who looked a bit "weird" to me : the musk ox. In fact I found the texture a bit too "hand-painted" (sorry for the random English <:) ). I think I can put the accent on the fur aspect of this animal (so the texture will be totally new, and seamless of course). I also though it could improve the silhouette to add extra tris on its belly with some fur texture with alpha...
  3. How To Play update or downgrade 0 A.D. to fit the requirements of the mod version you want to play download the .zip file of the desired MinMod version extract it to <0 A.D. installation folder>\binaries\data\mods run 0 A.D. and navigate from the main menu to Tools & Options → Mod Selection (select the mineral mod entry in the upper field) → Enable → Start Mods start a new single player game with a supported map ************************************************** VERSION 0.2 ************************************************** ************************************************** VERSION 0.1 ************************************************** ********************************************** ANNOUNCEMENT **********************************************
  4. Here is my idea of the Civ center for the Flaru Civ center Idea 1 idea 2 For Stan
  5. Hey there, it's been quite some while since I've posted on here the last time. I also noticed that you already patched the priority problem which my other thread was about! It's nice to see how the game becomes better with every release. But onto my problem. This time it's about textures. I've been starting to simply paint over some body textures and it worked fine first. But now, I get weird problems with player colors and hair. Note: I didn't change any of the export settings while I exported the textures, the problems just started to appear for some reason. 1. Hair weirdness: the hair texture just stops before the alpha does and only lays the selected color on the head. But strangely, it works on the head it was made from just fine. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93679544/0ad-hairoddness.png (Note: I know that this isn't the same head texture, but the one on the left had the exact same hair) 2. Player color weirdness: For some reason, I can't get the colors to work correctly anymore. (The guy on the left was done first, his player color is absolutely fine. The guy in the middle got the player color overbrighten (I've made sure there's not anything white on the alpha which could make it brighter, it's plain and simple transparent) and the guy on the right is the unmodified hellenic healer.) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93679544/0ad-coloroddness.png I also tried to go through the transparent stripe with the eraser-tool and also made the stripe wider, but the added alpha just became black with only very little player color in it. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93679544/0ad-morecoloroddness.png Note that the Gaia color (white) and yellow somehow look better. And these are my DDS Exporter settings in GIMP. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93679544/DDSExporterSettings.png I've also tried using DXT1 and 5 instead but it didn't help. I'm at a loss. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? Best Regards
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