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  1. video genial pero ignora por completo las tecnologías del oriente
  2. my fault, associate with aoe, would be a great addition to Terra Magna!
  3. I made a small mod in which enabling it together with Aristeia allows you to play with Mycenaeans. mycenaeans_basic_mod.rar
  4. As the mycenean were not finalized they are only actors, so you can use it only to beautify the map at that moment.
  5. Go to Atlas and select the "Actors" option and search for "mycenaeans"
  6. I managed to find it and accepted the invitation.
  7. "@Lopess You should have gotten an invite for the repository. Get in touch if you need anything." This was through the link that was in your message that directed to the repository of the precolonial mod? I will work on my models and go up to "Chichen Itza", when he was at an ok level we can include him in "Precolonial" I will be very active in those days that he saw because I believe that my city (São Paulo) will go into quarantine or something like soon.
  8. I know little about Copan I need to research, Lion Kanzen do you have any idea of what would be the best approach for a Mayan mod? For example, I believe that two or three Civs (-200 BC / 500 AD -Tikal, Calakmul and Copan), or (800 a.d / 1.000 a.d) Chichen Itza, Cobá, etc.) would be possible. Using the same models for home, storehouse, farm, dock and market, however with CC and other unique buildings.
  9. Really, Chichen Itza is more in the final period of the classic beginning of the classic post, while Tikal lasts more than 1000 years going from the pre classical to the end of the classic. I made some models of El Mirador but I didn't find them very promising. : /
  10. Okay, anything, just comment that I'll be improving as much as possible. I believe that the models I created today can improve even more, I have doubts about what I can simplify to fit the game or what is not possible mainly in size because most constructions are very large in the real world. An example of this is the administrative center of Chichen itza which from what I have researched is the Las Monjas Complex, something really extensive for a CC.
  11. Triketos' work was one of my inspirations to begin with, I will definitely be willing to help or be helped. I'm developing ceramics and other details to add as props
  12. I will report here my advances with blender in search of building buildings in Blender for 0.AD, and perhaps in the future a true mod of the Mayan civilization. (classic or pre-classic single or divided into two or three city states). Any constructive criticism, tip or help is welcome, I will leave the github link to download the art folder. Since I am not an English speaker, please disregard which mistakes when using the Google translator. Some impressions of the buildings made so far, inspired by Tikal or Chichen Itza. https://github.com/wltonlopes/chichen_itza_mod
  13. For future city builder mods it would definitely be useful
  14. I have some problems with textures, I still haven't been learning about it because I have a lot of blender to discover, the one I currently use is a zapo struct with some additions.
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