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  1. My little try with blender and texture kush_nuba_camp.
  2. Lopess

    Zapotecs 1.0

    Perhaps there is the possibility of another champion unit, this time an offensive, perhaps a "noble warrior" or "champion warrior of the ball game ". I tried to look for more names of Zapotec kings but nothing quite right besides those.
  3. That would be awesome and very useful! (something I always get lost).
  4. Lopess

    Zapotecs 1.0

    I believe there are no names for Zapotec heroes yet, I read an interesting article about Zapotec writing and there are some calendar names discovered from the kings of Mount Alban. link :http://www.famsi.org/zapotecwriting/zapotec_figures1-2.pdf The pdf also has representations credited to kings, including the jaguar-shaped headdress symbol of Monte Alban royalty.
  5. Looks very promising, would this Caribbean mod have any native Civ ?? If you have I can help if you need it.
  6. Lopess

    Zapotecs 1.0

    An interesting article about the beginning of Monte Alban's expansionism and the resistance of certain places. https://cyberleninka.ru/article/n/militarism-resistance-and-early-state-development-in-oaxaca-mexico
  7. Sí, entiendo, sigo considerando tu mod con mucho potencial, he intentado hacer cosas en Blender para 0AD y sé lo difícil que es modelar.
  8. "0 A.D Terra Magna and a old version of my mod :v" el de tlaxtecas etcs? Realmente me gustó esa version de tu mod. Hábia descargado por github
  9. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/2019/03/lasers-reveal-maya-war-ruins/ Mayans fortress, defesive walls and watchtowers 45/5000
  10. Nice map congratulations !! you will make it available for download??
  11. How I felt seeing the rams coming to my cc.
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