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  1. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/2019/03/lasers-reveal-maya-war-ruins/ Mayans fortress, defesive walls and watchtowers 45/5000
  2. Nice map congratulations !! you will make it available for download??
  3. How I felt seeing the rams coming to my cc.
  4. Hola, tenemos una página de Facebook muy activo mantenida por Lion Kanzen, talvez tiene alguna imformaciòn sobre discord https://www.facebook.com/0adfanslatino/
  5. Great initiative, I'm sure to play, had a very interesting project of economic mod in the forum, maybe it's interesting for you.
  6. Interestingly, the red color fits very well with the modern recreations of Mesoamerican architecture. One question, was the texture intentional not to turn red so as not to confuse the player during the game? (I promise it's just this question not to pollute the topic)
  7. For a moment I figured a new zapo texturing would come, just like a hero
  8. Olá a todos. Tengo aquí algunas referencias de la época de 1500-1600 de los indios Tupi de varias tribus
  9. I played the map, much more fun than I imagined, as I am not the fastest I came to 23 wave. Very f&**ing the towers cataputas reminded me medieval TW 2
  10. Hi, congratulations for the initiative. One idea that passed me would be a "survival" type mode in which a growing sequence of enemy hordes would besiege your city in the center. Your city with a good food and wood reserve but more valuable resources were found in areas of difficult defense.
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