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  1. Olá a todos. Tengo aquí algunas referencias de la época de 1500-1600 de los indios Tupi de varias tribus
  2. I played the map, much more fun than I imagined, as I am not the fastest I came to 23 wave. Very f&**ing the towers cataputas reminded me medieval TW 2
  3. Hi, congratulations for the initiative. One idea that passed me would be a "survival" type mode in which a growing sequence of enemy hordes would besiege your city in the center. Your city with a good food and wood reserve but more valuable resources were found in areas of difficult defense.
  4. Lopess

    My arts

    Incrível como estamos em todos os lugares kkkkk
  5. Hi, I do not know if this can add something else I've seen this mod in git for a while, it's very old unfortunately ( link https://github.com/fer3852/germanics) .
  6. OI !, we already have the Gauls and the British (?) As representative of Celts and the Chinese available in the mod Terra Magna already the Turks I believe that nothing created until now.
  7. Es muy bueno, si necesito ayuda en la investigación sobre ellos puedo ayudar, estoy tratando de algunas cosas en el blender, pero todavía tengo que practicar más.
  8. ¡Lindos modelos!! Parabens no ve tiempo para jugar con ellos. Trinketos ya tiene una idea del juego Tupi (claro que cuando el tiempo para eso puede ser trabajado)
  9. Many thanks coworotel !! I had made such a mod for myself but had not found so many. It would be nice if this mod was divugado in mod.io
  10. I'm having some problems with creating textures for some units, I think I have to burn some neurons before, it's probably something simple. Of the rest needed more practice with 3d edition and texture. And thank you stanislas always active and helping newbies! Note: Anything strange in my texts is google translator, I'm only fluent in Portuguese a little spanish.
  11. Hello, these are my first attempts with blender and gimp, thank you very much to all who contribute to 0ad and mainly to the latest videos of lordgood and stanislas. It would be cool if you have a parde of the forum dedicated only with videos like these fans willing to venture to start the mod (Do not need mega videos elaborated the "see and do it yourself" works and does not overload the artists that dedicate themselves to the 0AD). Obs: I know you have the guide and tutorials, but for total nuubs like me videos help a lot.
  12. Hello Coworotel on triggers and campaign type scenarios has this interresante mini mod posted on mod DB. I did not see anything in the forum related to him or to who did it. https://www.moddb.com/mods/0-ad-scenario-pack/downloads/0ad-scenario-pack
  13. Mais um vídeo interessante do Ágora 0ad!! More interesting video of Agora 0ad !!
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