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    0 A.D. uses (or at least is supposed to) Classical Attic of the 4th C BC, the language of Lysias, Plato, Xenophon, et al. Koine is largely based on this, though a number of sound shifts occurred in Hellenistic times, which is also why Modern Greek sounds quite differently. Basically Classical Greek is to Modern Greek what Latin is to Italian.
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    A change I'd like to see is some kind of system to reward players actively playing 1v1 rated. e.g. lose x points each week/month where you don't engage in a 1v1 rated with someone your rating +-200. Where x is proportional to your score - 1200. This is a way I can see to actually making points be more accurate, it would penalize great players who don't play often, that's true but at least makes it meaningful. Players that win against a lot of nubs and park on a high rating will have to fight to stay there, players who are in an accurate rating or underrated will climb/stay at their rating easily. That and/or make the multiplier for point gain/loss more severe between players with a huge rating difference, case in point: I put a dispute when I was uber nob (only nob now) for rated quitters, gained 3 matches against 1200-1300 players and when from 1670-1700 which doesn't make sense IMO.
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    ἐστί means ‘is’: first person singular indicativus praesens active of εἰμί ‘to be’; ἥσομαι means ‘I will go’: first person singular indicativus futurum medium of ἵημι ‘to let go’; that beta shouldn't be there; you're right βήσσω/βήττω means ‘to cough’.
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    1) Lobby changes: I think that is not a secret that lobby style is too old. Maybe should be changed for something more ''atractive'' What i propose is to make a big lobby where all players are there chatting or just being, and then 3 sublobbys (maybe more or less depending of the wellness of your ideas) - Team Games Lobby: As the name shows, a lobby to play multiplayer games - Rated 1v1 Lobby: As the name shows a lobby to play 1v1 rated - Casual Games Lobby: As the name shows a lobby to play non rated 1v1s Ok, let's do here another way, a way where there is a rating in TGs. (We'll talk about this in some time) In case that there is a possible TGs rating, the Casual Games Lobby would be to play TGs and 1v1s unrated. I'll let design stuff to you, think about some ideas and coment them!! 2) Ratting System Changes Well, probably we all can accord that nowadays there is nothing that makes people play rated games, excepting the own points. Maybe it's not enough, maybe not, is not. I propose (as i accorded to @user1) to make a new Ratting System to make people play rated games, and to make this game more atractive. What you think about this: 1) Making seasons . Yes, making for example 3 mounths seasons and when season ends, restart the points in new season to the initial ones. I propose to start with 1600 points. 2) Making a League Mode. This is handed with the first point, and in my opinion is the most atractive point. Why not making Rated Games Lobby a league mode, having a league depending of your rating. I give you an example: Wood League: (-1400) - Stone League: (1400-1600) - Bronze League: (1600-1800) - Silver League: (1800-1950) - Golden League: (1950-2100) - Platinun League (2100-2250) Diamond League: (2250-2350) /// Here, we would be at 1730 ratting more or less, which is a strong rating. Top 23 now. So, we could make a Pre Master league. Candidate Master: (2350-2450) - Master League: (2450-2600) - Grand Master League: (2600+) Obviously, designers should make an animation showed after each rated game with an experience bar with rating, that is filled or emtied acording if you win or lose. At the left with the current league, and at the right with the upper league. I don't know if you understand what i mean. 3) Giving some insignias: Before the nickname of each player, you could have some insignia depending of your rank, i thought in having your League's shield until you're Master or Grand Master, that you would have a yellow RM (Rating Master) or a GM (Grand Master). For example: GM elexis (2741) Sorry @elexis haha Maybe titles like GM or RM should stay forever, becouse it's suposed that only 12 players as much would get them in all seasons. Or maybe it should last just the current season and the next. Brainstorm guys =D 3) Player Names: @user1 told me that he doesn't want to overcharge names, so we got the conclusion that maybe removing the rating of the players, just showing the insignia and the nickname would be a good idea and if you click one player, in his profile you can find its own rating. In my opinion i would let the rating too in names. 4) Player's Profiles: What you think about this: When you click in a player, you can see, Name, Rank, League, W/L and the flag of the country. You like the idea? I have more ideas that will be posted with time. Mates! share your ideas and let's make 0 A.D. bigger!! Let's make a brainstorming. Greetings. Stockfish
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    My sketches (don't laugh). A suggestion to display the standards in front of the rows as symbols of each "pagus" (smaller tribe or even clans) where the members are sitting. Two carnyx could be leaning against the balustrade (wooden frame) on the front scene.
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    At least its vegetarian!
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