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    It's already almost a week, but Emperior hasn't got over his defeat and it has come to him spreading some false accusations about my supposed cheating. Today he compared me to JC and that was the time when I decided to take actions. So here we are, let's put the replay here for everyone to judge. We picked a less played civilizations, so this probably could be a nice game to watch on its own. Teams: r4pt0r, Boudica, PhyZic vs. Emperior, Unknown_Player, darkcity The encounter we were talking about happened at 30:00. I had 50 archers, 6 elephants and 5 pikemen. Emperior tried to counter my army with 35 spearmen, 16 pikemen and 12 skirmishers. You probably already noticed that his army balance was sub-optimal with below 20% of ranged units. The funnier part is that my archers got all attack upgrades, which made each of them deal twice the DPS compared to the spearmen Emperior's army mainly consisted of. I concentrated my army so that my elephant's don't get cut off and die to skirmishers. Emperior proceeded to attack my elephants and pikemen, which were on the front, so they served their tanking role perfectly. Emperior's army was cut to pieces as expected and that was all there was to it. The weird thing followed when Emperior accused me of dancing with the elephants. There wasn't really much commanding of those elephants from my side as the fight was basically a no-brainer victory. All of the elephants lost quite a lot of health but it would be expected for them to take some time before dying to spearmen. Some of the elephants were walking part of the time but there was barely any chasing noticeable. So this is it. Emperior could be heard he can't be bothered to make a GIF of the situation to prove my cheating, so I took the time and made a GIF of all the elephant dancing I could see in that game: 2019-06-22_ElephantDance.zip
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    when you post funny stuff but no one likes it anyway
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    Please look over the map resize patch. It was looking very promising with some really handy features.
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    Hello Everyone, this is a old thread but, I'm starting to be more active, and I'm working in atlasUI once again. For now I'm going to fix some behaviors from atlasUI (like variations, osx, xcode, etc) and adding some QoL for map makers. We hope to bring yours a better tool for map makers.
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    So when the new version of this comes out, will the game have to be redownloaded to the PC?
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    Thank you for the explanation, very interesting.
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    Thanks for pointing that out! Indeed I didn't look outside the gui folder when tweaking the gui. It now works: Posted some feedback at https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2047 Another thing, when you have insufficient population capacity to train units, the population numbers flash orange every 0.5 s. Similarily, I want resource amounts to flash orange when they're negative (because of resource trickle rates in my mod). If you have time and are willing to, then perhaps you can figure out how to do that?
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    Defence stance is different than dance, are totally different. For me only dance should not be allowed. If you do not allow hero in defence stance so priest should not be allowed for example.
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    I read fieldfield talking today about having decreasing gathering rates for each additionnal units put in a single feld, was that related ? (it might be someone else but I read somewhere else that historical accuracy is important only as long as it doesn't have a negative impact on the wordplay). Introducing negative externalities/decreasing returns could help to reduce the exponential growth effect. For example, we could also have a lower gathering rate for each additional units using the same storehouse. Then how many dropsites you build wouldn't be just a question of distance to ressources but depends on the number of workers using it (dropsite should then also be balanced between civ). => More thinking = more fun The following isn't related directly to the mod, but it might be considered while implementing changes. I am wondering about how market barter rate are currently determined. They usually seems quite ok in 1vs1 but in tg, they often get crazy/unfair and can easily lead to game imbalances. In some recent games, I have managed to get to barter efficiency close to 300% thanks to Brennus or some additional mines. In the summary attached, I came to choose a strategy in which I would keep the ptolemies enemy player alive as long as possible just to artificially raise metal prices. The strategy is quite simple: 1 - Send army for direct confrontation with the mineral dependant player, it doesn't really matter if it is a good fight or not as long as the enemy loose a lot of units with a high cost in mineral; 2 - keep sending units until the enemy can't sustain the fight because he runs out of minerals (because he can't gather it fast enough or he is running out of it, in both cases, he would turn to the market anyway) 3 - once he doesn't react too much anymore, just turn to attack some other enemy, wishing his allies will send him food/wood in the meantime that he will trade for minerals in order to rise his pop again. As soon as it has some new mineral costly units, come back to put more pressure on him and on market prices. With prices on minerals increasing a lot, you can basically keep just a few women on food (to use for protection against sneaky rams too), delete the rest and leave some men on minerals to gather what you will barter later. The larger your army is, the easier it is to put pressure on mineral prices, and the less units you need then on eco since you get better barter rates, the less units you loose also while fighting because you have a larger army, the less ressources you need to make new units... Civilizations like ptolemies or athens should be very strong in team game, but sadly, they often just end up looking like junkies. Even kushites could potentially become close to fun with enough metal... Changes in the way map are generated could help, this was already said elsewhere. Another fix (simple but maybe only partial too) would be to changes market barter rates determination. Barter rates of different teams should be independent, it doesn't make too much sense that how much ressources a player is bartering affects the barter rate of his enemy. I don't think they are supposed to barter together. I also think that market prices volatility is partly responsible for the sustainability of a relatively small number of mineral dependent civs in the same team game. Markets should offer a way for those civ to hedge themself against map-gen risks. Any insurance should have a cost, but if there is a large need for barter and barter efficiency falls too low, then this cost becomes too expensive in the current version of the game (another S curve needed there??) . Currently, traders seem like an unreliable suppliers to compensate for prices volatility (slow to put in place, hard to protect constantly...). Maybe a few other simple adjustments could be made to improve the game from this perspective, I just gave some ideas above... I was also wondering about a last thing. Would it be complicated/feasible to introduce different land type on the same map ? I do like that currently wood is slowing down units and is preventing sieges from passing. Having some kind of muddy land type which simply slow down all units could introduce a fun strategical dimension to the game. Scooting would give a higher reward, range units would have a bigger advantage in fighting over this type of land etc... eae !!! ...
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    When i move my Hero, Emperior ask me to stop dance, when i retreat my hero, Emperior ask me to stop lure, when i put my hero on defence stance, Emperior bans me from his host for having my hero running away
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    Here is a tiny A23 mod with six Thracian units (actors, icons, templates; three ranks each), made with existing art assets: thracians.zip [EDIT]: As you can see the swordsmen use the Iberian falcata; they actually should have a sica, but I need a new weapon prop for that; see https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/26405-request-sica-and-falx/
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    More generally, Atlas should share the same keyboard shortcuts as the game, at least for everything that is UI-related.
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    about minimap what do you think about this image
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