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    I've commissioned an artist (Jinn) to modify a render of 0 AD's Roman Forum to look more like pixel art in style (for my open-source 2D RTS, Wyrmsun), and I thought you guys could find the results interesting: As you can see, he also did an under-construction frame based on the final structure. Perhaps that can be useful to you as a concept if you do under-construction graphics for the buildings later on. And here's a screenshot of how the forum looks like in-game:
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    Thanks About the angle, it's because of the building height. The gameplay uses a top-down tile grid, and building graphics should preferentially remain inside the tile boundaries they occupy gameplay-wise, and we want to use a tilted view for the graphics rather than top-down so that more of the buildings and units can be seen by the player. For that reason the Roman Forum, since it is relatively tall, works better in that 60 degree angle. For the other buildings, Jinn modeled them in Google Sketch-Up and then modified the angle until he felt it fit well; and then worked on the rendered result pixel by pixel to get the final graphics.
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    Yeah, I think destroying your own building should be slower. The issue with capturing is that if the opponent is alert, they will delete the building just before the capture bar reaches 50%. So whether the capture actually succeeds only depends on whether the opponent is alert with good micro. You can't forcefully capture a building if the opponent doesn't want you to. Alternatively - instead of the building going down instantly, after you press to delete it, it simply starts taking damage over time as if a battering ram was working on it. This would be cancelled if the building's capture bar goes below 50%.
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    The very interesting implementing of 0AD buildings, there is the question: why buildings have different angle? Ins't it worse for perfectionists?
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    This is actually a pretty good idea, I am all for it, maybe not for all buildings, but for civic centres, fortresses and defence towers that would be awesome.
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    You could just set the population cap to a lower value: less units => less pathfinding => less lag
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    Yes, I know you can individually use the ctrl to force an attack, I've been using that since the update. However, the user who replied after was correct, being able to toggle a group let's say to attack and not capture would allow you to let them go on a rampage, switch to another group or do something else while that group attacks. As it stands now, since the update, you cannot set a group off to attack and destroy without manually controlling their every move, unless you want them to try and capture everything.
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    @fatherbushido i think what he means is like a toggle option in the settings menu so that you can set it to whatever you prefer. At least i think that is a good idea not sure if it is a hard thing to implement.
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    This bug is fixed in a20.
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    Cool, always interesting to see what 0 A.D. inspires
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    What about a hot-key solution which allows you to attack your own building? It makes destroying of captured enemy buildings very costly (probably too costly) and you still can get rid of your own drop sides or whatever. And it's more realistic (I know that more realism does not mean better gameplay and more fun always)
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    The only problem I could see is players being able to destroy buildings with a single click, maybe there should be some delay even some extra when it's a captured building.
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    I think it was a great idea to rename this civilization to "Anglo-Saxons", it makes it much clearer what it is about.
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    Of course a good balance needs to be found. In Stronghold fire spreading was definitely way too fast. I thought we could adjust it so the next building catches fire after perhaps 15 seconds. You would have plenty time to react then... Another way to limit the impact is that buildings stop burning after some time (after researching a certain tech for example) or to allow citizen soldiers to save your buildings with water buckets (would replace the repair command for burning structures). I think it should be possible to erase the fire with 10-15 units before it can take over other buildings.
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    Please God no, punishing city building would be absurd in a game like this. Having your castle burn down was extremely frustrating in Stronghold. Burning individual buildings sounds feasible but fire spreading would be just cruel
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    Texture tweaking/cleaning - Old body mesh vs New body mesh
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    I think a burning mechanism similar to the one in Stronghold Crusader would be a nice addition to the game. Fire (causing damage over time) should spread between wooden structures placed closely together. As a consequence, you would have to be much more careful when planning your city...
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    Hi, We've been discussing this for a while in the community and reception of the idea of attending LinuxWochen is positive so far. Attached is a proposal from @leper and me to represent 0 A.D. and Wildfire Games at LinuxWochen 2016 in Vienna. Looking forward to reading your reply. Kindest regards, Jan Middelkoop LinuxWochen.pdf
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    Little update with seams removed. After that, level and color adjust (and maybe add detail under his hands and feet)
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    Yes I agree , don't be default action. Is annoying.
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