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    • In fact, I say that most of these mosques are not "old" at all. Most of them are new buildings influenced by Saudi Arabia in the 1980s and built with reinforced concrete in the style of West Asia. The demolition of them is largely because the Chinese government believes that these architectural styles Not “native” enough. For example, in Ningxia, there is a mosque originally built in Chinese style during the Ming Dynasty, which is very similar to Buddhist temples and Taoist temples, but it was rebuilt in Arabic style in the 1990s. In the past few years, the mosque has been rebuilt in the original Ming Dynasty style. In the past decades, China has built a lot of new mosques, especially in the eastern provinces. There is one in my hometown. It was built in the 1990s with donations from the Han Chinese and Muslims in the town. I often went to that mosque when I was a child. The garden there is very beautiful, and the imam is very kind to people, but he often complains that Muslims are impious, and they only care about making money and don't come to the mosque to pray.
    • This question has already been asked and answered here: This page will help you find the correct datapath of the configuration files for your operating system: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Cheers
    • If you're referring to the murder I mentioned above, it was the Uyghur pan-Turkists who murdered a mullah who was also Uyghur. Because this mullah does not support Pan-Turkism, this is actually the trouble that Pan-Turkists have always had—that is, the conflict between Pan-Islamism and Pan-Turkism. Muslims are treated preferentially in China, so influential Islamic scholars There is no will to support pan-Turkic elements. Therefore, these religious scholars were hated by the Pan-Turkists. For the same reason, Apak and Zhuo, who had been widely admired for hundreds of years since the 17th century, were also vilified by the Pan-Turkists as devils.
    • We generally refer to this kind of behavior of Pan-Turkists as "thieves accuse others of being thieves", because they intend to do it themselves and have done it before, so they say that others have the same intentions as them to cover themselves. In fact, we all know that Turkey under Erdogan is intervening in Libya and Syria, helping their "Turkic compatriots" Azerbaijan defeat Armenia, and suppressing the Kurds for a long time (they do not recognize the Kurdish nation at all). Just last year, Turkey blocked Sweden and Finland from joining NATO because of their support for the PKK.
    • Because the history of suffering cannot be assumed, nor can it be changed. The status quo in China is the product of the impact of the wave of Western imperialist colonization since the 19th century. In many cases, China in the past was only forced to make choices that were not the worst, and could not achieve the expected " perfection". As I said, what we are looking forward to is the Ming Dynasty model. If this model is properly connected to modern times, it will probably become a rich China surrounded by friendly countries, and an era where everyone thrives together. Prosperity, peace and Morality, this is a dream, but it is not reality. I can only say that a nation like ours that has experienced the demise of the country hopes to maintain a peaceful state of mind after the country is gradually revived. After all, we are still a big country and do not need to be like the Pan-Turkists in Turkey Hysterical propaganda and attempts to restore the "glory of the Turkic ancestors".
    • Because China does not want to engage in ethnic segregation, and China has not abolished minority language education. In China, ethnic minorities and Han people go to different schools. If the Chinese government really intends to completely abolish minority language education, it can directly abolish those minority schools. After 2020, there will be a unified review of textbooks across the country (including versions in minority languages). Before that, even Chinese textbooks are not uniform, and each province is using different versions of textbooks. Take the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as an example, even minority schools that teach in minority languages must use Chinese versions of three textbooks: "Han Language", "Morality and the Rule of Law", and "History". The "Han Language" course will be taught in the first grade of elementary school. At the same time, Han language, minority language, English, and mathematics will become the four compulsory subjects for the college entrance examination in minority schools. Prior to this, students in minority schools did not necessarily have to learn Chinese and English (required subjects in the college entrance examination), which resulted in very few "bilinguals", and many minority students did not understand Chinese and English, which made them unable to accept Higher education (even if Han people do not learn English and cannot go to university) and the general level of education is low, and they cannot go to work in other provinces. This is a major reason for the poverty of ethnic minorities. We believe that strengthening Chinese language education is closely related to the Chinese government's poverty alleviation Work-related. http://hhhtzy.nmgfy.gov.cn/article/detail/2020/09/id/5443769.shtml
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