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Hello everybody

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Hey everyone, I'm new here and all but here's a little background on me:

I have played soccer for seven years and still ain't too good.

I've been programming games in C++, Obj-C and SDL for a while...too tired to remember how long.

I like recording little noises that would fit in in certain positions.

I'm big on gaming...at least if you count 31 PS2 games, 17 N64 games, 24 GCN games and about 40-45 computer games big on gaming...

Well, that's about it. I'm plaqnning to stay as long as things stay interesting. :D

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@CrazyThumbs:Thaks for the welcome. Unfortunately, yeah, I'm on Wolfire too, not at liberty to discuss that at midnight, I have a Mac, btw, and I have AoM but, wouldn't be able to play due to pain-in-the-neck GameRanger

@Mythos_Ruler & Red_08: Thanks for the warm welcome guys :D

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Hi, thank you :D My favorite game on each platform?...hmm...

PS2: Destroy All Humans

Xbox: not sure, trying to decide between Halo 2 and Midtown Madness

PC/Mac: Age of Mythology

GBA: Star-X

GCN: Super Smash Bros. Melee

N64: Jet Force Gemini

Atari: Vindicators and Centipede

SNES: Super Mario/Duck Hunt

I think that's enough...

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