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LocalRatings mod - evaluate players' skills based on previous games


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On 17/10/2022 at 5:15 PM, Philip the Swaggerless said:

Just a question:  Has a weighting "meta" emerged?

This question deserves attention.

Due to the way LocalRatings is structured, this is slightly similar to asking: what summary scores describe players' skills best? I am not aware of any (recent) related topic on the forum; if anyone knows, please link it.

I personally find the default weights quite reliable, albeit not perfect. Any of the experienced players has a better clue?

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this is a little fork from
<3 LocalRatings from https://gitlab.com/mentula0ad 
thanks very much for the help from mentula0ad . i have asked many questions to mentula.

use mouse or only keyboard to select a player.

if you use only keyboard its always the first player.
if you use mouse its the player that you have clicked from the list.

it's remembers last visited player, last chart that you have used (saved automatically when a new chart had been drawn).


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There is no shared database/cloud/space for replays, as far as I know. The idea of sharing replays has been brought up by other users, and I personally like it, as it has other side benefits in terms of sharing knowledge about the game.

For what it is worth, my dream is that one day Wildfire Games will have the economic and developing resources to afford own lobby servers. That will allow collecting replays, along with solving many of the major problems affecting the game today.

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