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What books are you reading these days?

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I was serious actually... he was from like the mid to late nineteenth century right? The "American dream" guy?

Anyhow, I'm now on the Aenied, Fitzgerald translation. I'm not half way done yet, but I'm really liking it. And since I've never heard it before, it's cool to read sort of an epic poem that you never knew existed.

Basically the Aenied is the story of how the people of Troy, after the Trojan war, escape their land and sail around for a long time facing tribulations until they eventually settle Italy, and their descendants go on to form the Roman Empire. It was written by Virgil, a Roman, and there's a good chance he made a good part of it up, as the purpose of the piece was Roman nationalism. Anyhow, it's a great story so far.

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Presently I am reading "Feathered Serpent" by Colin Falconer, fun book about the conquest of Mexico by the Spanish. I also just finished "Birds of Prey" by Wilbur Smith, set in the 17th century during the reign of Charles the Second. Ship battles and swordfights aplenty :king: Another one I read recently and really enjoyed was "The Runaway Jury" by John Grisham.

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