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  1. Hey Yamato! I think I've seen you before at AOE3H. Right?
  2. "I have a message for the suicidors, we will hunt down you and kill you!" "Jesus was flying!" lol!
  3. 1) To be able to build anything I imagine! 2) To be able to imagine basically anything (a money creating machine anyone? ) 3) Telekinesis... jeje this would be fun to tease people with.
  4. I am sure you are not the only person that finds annoying. I personally dont. jeje Anyways, welcome to WFG! Care to post some more info about you? EI: First name, hobbies, age, anything you'd like to share with us.
  5. I like monkeys.... jaja those ingrates
  6. The chacarron guy was probalby high while singing this! It is embarrasing just to think that i have already heard it....
  7. I hope you do enjoy WFG! Would you like tell us more about yourself? EI: hobbies/what you like/ ect.
  8. Yeah, school has gotten me pretty tied up. But Ill be comming here more often!! Nice to see you again!
  9. I found this place after seeing some mods for Aom, I am pretty cure it was either Cheezy's or DNA's.
  10. I swim around 80 laps on a nearby pool everyday. Besides that I do a couple of push-ups and try to go to the gym.
  11. Guess which am I? (That doesn't sounds quite right! If there is a correction to be made, please state so. I want to improve my english, and there is no better way of doing so than to learn from one's mistakes)
  12. If I understood the picture correctly, there is something definitly wrong. How can it be 2D and shoot from a 3D angle.
  13. Kosovo! Lol! Yes indeed too much time in their hands! PS: I am not quite sure, but something seems wrong with that Bush/Kerry thing. lol!
  14. Yeah his the worst singer! Hats off for Randy and Simon for keeping a straight face, I would have LMAO!!! ROTFLMAO @ King Tut: thanx for the names!
  15. Neighboring (sp?) countries come into view, then slowly the entire world.
  16. Wow!!! Congrats!!! Im bout to reach 100,. but not yet Edit: I reached 100 posts!
  17. statelite mode is aerial mode right? still I just get a map.
  18. I really like the make-your-own-cheat! With that are we going to be able to create cheats that can be used more than for a scenario?
  19. nope the one from google actually showed a city, but the one from MSN just showed a map of my country.
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