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  1. Cool, I'm Italian and people says I speak very well english! Well, I gave up after the first phrases
  2. I'm listening to your artist radio! hey, seems a perfect soundtrack for a scifi game like X3! Why don't you contact them?
  3. We Italians use a universal word for day and night: C I A O
  4. So many cool posts!!! thank you very much Well, I live in Sicily and I love my island... really, come here in summer and you'll never go back home!!!
  5. I'm beginning to read Da Vinci Code... I can't believe I didn't grab the greatness of this book in the past years. When I finally decided to read it... oh well... it's amazing!
  6. Science Fiction is called this way because of its peculiar approach to scientific topics. In Sci-Fi movies and books actual and imagined science mix together to create the scientific background of the stories. But the imagined science is never absurd cause it meets with actual science so creating a somewhat realistic environment. This means that Sci-Fi can really be a "guide" for scientists... just remember Star Trek communicator that was imagined science in the tv series period, but that now is actual science (cellular phones).
  7. Ciao Yiuel... today is 22... so... will you really do the trip or not? I've got a friend who lives in Japan with a japanese girl. He met her through the pen pal system and they live together since some years. Please tell us everything about your japanese adventure... it's very interesting.
  8. Nathanael, your surname hints that you have relatives in Italy?
  9. Ciao and thank you very much for all your greets! I don't really know how to thank all of you.. so many posts!!! Amazing I love to write in forums and I visit many, but I never seen such enthusiasm and darn... you are a great community!!! So, what do we do now? a party? hey, where are the beers icons? ah, ok!! ( ( ( ( Ah... about the nickname, I produced years ago some electronic music albums, using the pseudonym Vanethian... I'm in the Electronic Music Encyclopaedia too!!! So you can call me that way, if you want, but since I compose orchestral music and manage a studio, I don't use that nick anymore DarkAngel, you should come in Sicily!!! we have the best beaches in Italy... at the moment the island is full and very fun, you can imagine, during the summer period About stereotypes... hey... we are in Sicily... so... let's begin the stereotypes about sicilians!!! Tons of beer for the one of you with the longest stereotypes list about Sicily
  10. Thank you Desmond! Hey your Avatar is AWESOME!!!
  11. Hello from Italy Hey, cool board! Many people here! Well, time to introduce me... my name is Manuel Marino, and I'm a composer. Exactly, I own a recording studio, so the work is much more boring than just composing music... you know, arrange things, organizing projects, choosing the right guys for the right job and so on What about you? where are you from and what's your job... but, more important, do you work in our industry? (videogames, film, television, media, etc etc).
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