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Got a new car!

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Thanks for the nice comments. Well, a Golf wasn't what i needed. I needed a spaceful vehicle, quite "rough" to be driven over quarrel roads without worries (it's quite high over ground: 17 cm., roughly 6 inches and something), with a diesel engine to spare fuel. Spacious enough to let me drive without my knees just under my mouth (even most station-wagons i tried did not respect this basic requirement): VW golf did not meet these requirements.

I'm quite happy of it being a Renault, it has good reliability(another issue). I know Fiat is not going well (financially), but his last models are not so bad, i simply "stumbled" upon this occasion (it was brand new and quite discounted) wich i could not find for the similar Fiat model (Fiat Doblò: see image attached below)



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I imagine american and european taste for cars differs a bit, but anyway: u cannot have a sleek sportscar-like shilouette with that kind of car (and the Fiat Doblò is ugly, anyway, i agree).

...it smells of PVC, Polyvinilic leather, plastics... ...i guess it smells of "new car", i guess :)

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No offense or anything, because my car is 10 years old, but are all European cars so bloody ugly? I hope not. :D

Hmm, taste seems to differ here - I personally prefer the European cars over others any time, but that might also be due to the fact that I grew up in a Volkswagen family - we've had VW Passats ever since I was born... it must have been at least four generations of cars already. And the newer Passats are quite powerful, too - my fathers one with a 130 PS Diesel engine can do 200 km/h on the highway with no problems :)

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