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Effect of Terrain on Defense/Attack Capabilities?


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Does terrain have an effect on a units defense/attack capabilities?

For example, if a unit is on a hill and it is attacked does it receive a defensive bonus while the attacker is penalized since it is harder to attack uphill?

This question could also apply to structures, such as stone towers.

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range effect is not enough? 

at the limit of camouflage strategies, etc. why not, but pure bonus damage is a bit disappointing, like age of empire 2. In addition, it only applies to projectile units. I think it can create some frustration on strange maps.

it only my vision.


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There's no defensive bonus? I assumed there was because what army didn't want the hill top? I position in elevated inclines whenever possible and it SEEMS more effective.  The attackers move more slowly toward you anyway, right? So your missile units spend more time hitting them with more attacks before they are close enough to engage. 

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