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What Do You Weigh?

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145 pounds (~66 kg)

That's about average for my height I'd say, though I'm actually 5 pounds above the norm - but that would be muscle mass. (due to teh sportzors ;) ) Anyone who's seen me in person (atleast 3 people on this forum) know that I have a very distincly tall and slim appearance :) though I'm not actually taller than very many people, I seem to look like I am.

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I'm 200 pounds spot on. Actually I recently lost 20 pounds with.....ahem....*blushes*.... Dr. Phil's Ultimate Food Guide :D Trust me it works! 20 pounds in 5 weeks, and I wasn't hungry at all ;)

Heh, gotta love the Dr. Phil Ultimate Weight challenge!! I watch the show every Monday when they have updates about the challenge. I like how instead of some "fad diet" (i.e. grapefruits, carbs, *insert anything here*), he teaches everyone how to eat healthy, filling foods and lose weight. :);)

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