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Hi! I was just pointed to this forum by some guys at http://dgdn.net/forum/index.php

I'm working on a Random Script Map Editor for AOC maps at the time. Basicly the editor is using a own parser and a validator to check if there are any errors in new generated or loaded scripts. I have also included several forms to generate the generation sections by mouse. A screenshot of the layout: http://www.combatflight.de/rmse1.jpg which shows the TreeView to navigate in scripts. In difference to the existing editors like RMSEdit and RMSGV it is planned not only as a tools to generate simple maps for beginners, but as tool which supports generating more complex maps like ES@THE_UNKNOWN.

I know that I'm a bit out of time with this, but it's just a project to refresh my knowledge about programming in C++ after using Java exclusively for 3 years now. I have done and published a similar editor some years ago for SCASM, a pseudo-assembler language for the MS Flightsimulators.

I need someone who knows at last the basics of random script maps (as described in the tutorial of Ensemble Studios) to help testing the editor and point me to errors. He should also be interested to go deeper into the "secrets" of random map scripting. For example: to become familiar with defining extra terrain types, using conditions in the section and so on, to support me. Knowledge in C++ is not necessary, but if someone is interested to work on this, it would be great. I'm using the CBuilder 6 as RAD.

If you are interested to do this or have questions just contact me.



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Hi, and welcome.

I am (unfortunately for your purpose) semi-retired from random map scripting, my last efforts in this geared toward SWGB, which used the same random map scripting engine as AOKTC. I probably know as much or more about the way maps in this engine are generated as anyone, was involved with the most active map scripting team (MFO@Mapster team), was a reviewer for RMS at AOKH, tested other scripting programs, and have found many bugs/ideosyncracies in the scripting program. I do not know C programming languages. Wish you had approached me 2 yrs ago with this, when I had a little more time. Real-life demands have really put a crimp in my ability to participate in gaming, forums, etc.

That said, if you could give me your email address here I would be glad to communicate with you on your project, just don't expect a full-fledged involvement.


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@all: Thanks for the warm welcome!

@RF_Gandalf: Plz contact me directly over mat@combatflight.de

I was very busy 2 years ago, as you can see on my website at mat's combatflight. It is not updated since 2001. I had to stop all activities for the MS Flightsim community, even if i was one of the leading object-designers at that time and was just elected to the scenery hall of fame. But I had to be busy in business.

As I wrote: I'm only doing this project to refresh my knowledge about C++ and the Borland CBuilder. But it's boring to write something you'll never need again. I have dozends of chats, editors, database applications etc over the past years and never published them.

I do not expect a full-fledged involvement, just someone who does some maps if it comes to beta status and send me some thoughts what to do different or better.

But someone i do not need to point to the basics, someone with expierences in RMS. It's just better to have another one to spot you to things you do not see during the programming.

I'm planning to release it but i don't think there will be many users doing maps for AOC in future. I have done some maps for AOC but i don't know how long i will play AOC.


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