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What Animal Really Scares You And Why

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Well, beign me and from the same country as Steve Erwin when I was about 5 I caught all sorts of dangerous little creatures, infact, one day I came back inside to mum (american=mom) with a live brown snake (one of the most venomous in the world) so she @#$% herself and killed it. From then on I kept getting told about how much it hurts, kinda freaked me. Now i just catch everything else out there-lol.

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I heard that if you get attacked by a Bear that if you fake dead that they'll leave you alone...Is that true??

Living in bear country, and having seen dozens, I can tell you its not so much "dead" rather than curled up. When playing dead, the point is to pull your legs up to your chest to protect your vital organs, because if you have to play dead, you are in DEEP crap. Playing dead is not far from the real thing, because its the last ditch thing you do when a bear charges you. It increases your chances of surviving a bear mauling by making it slightly harder for the bear to claw or chew at you guy. But really after that point the best you can do is PRAY!!!

Fortunately despite several encounters with bears at under 100 feet I can say they are way more likely to run than come after you, but if there is food or their cubs are around, VAMOS lol :brow: But 99% of the time, they'll take off. That's not to say you should go feed them, cause then they become ultra-dangerous.

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Imagine a 4 m long sea scorpion from 400 million years ago  :P

*grabs MG-9000-B-6/A-3 Rocket Propelled Speargun with exploding titantium harpoon head*

I remember reading about those when I was younger, man that would give ya the willies wouldn't it???? :brow: plus imagine a spider that was over 2 feet long.......forget a dinner plate, more like a serving plater..... :P

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