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What Animal Really Scares You And Why

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Heh I got these "prehistoric animals" trading cards from a museum or something and my favorite one had a cool picture sortof like that of some fish that was supposed to be extinct for thousands of years, then they found one on the coast of Africa or somewhere, and I got all excited, even though that was years later, it just brought back memories. Now I can't even remember what the dumb thing was called...

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Imagine if they ever managed to keep a great white shark in an aquarium? Man that would be cool to see :P Well they kept those two whale sharks in a giant aquarium in Japan, so it should be possible. We'd sure learn a lot about white sharks that way.

Prob would be cleaning the tank:

"Razor, no chewing! Bad boy!!! Bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD BADDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!......." :P:brow:

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