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Here are screenshots from the Prometheus Engine, in time for the end of October, as promised by Jason. Because the engine is still at an early stage, most code to date is low-level foundation work, so the visual element doesn't capture how much is actually active beneath the hood.

But here are a few shots of the current terrain system. These demonstrate height-mapping, tiling, blurring and texture blending.

May I take this opportunity to give a big thanks to Poya and Jan, who rushed to improve a lot of the terrain engine in the last couple of days.





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Wow... great job, Poya and Jan ! You guys spent really a lot of work into the engine already (remember that most low-level-code things are not visible on screenshots) and will surely do in the future, too. I can't wait for the first buildings, trees and units to get into this world !

I feel like we will make some really great progress in the next months :)

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I want to say that Jan has done a great job in the past couple of months. He has gathered a lot of scattered code that the members have written and formed the basics of the engine, as well as adding new code. We are still going through some structrual changes to the code but things are definately on their way. Also thanks to Stuart for being an awesome team leader.

I want to mention that the screenshots may look a little "dry" as they are but they will definately look much better when we have a nice set of textures. More importantly transitions between tile sets are indeed working (As you can see in the last image with the stone texture), it's just a matter of creating a good set of alpha textures and some algoithm to correctly choose one of them for each "boundry" tile.

Finally: A good portion of the model code is written so soon you should be able to see some characters/objects/buildings on the terrain (though it's still early days for any form of meaningful interaction).

btw Tonto_Sanjab: how did you know I know what âfarin means? (or is that common knowledge) :)



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