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wonder temple of zeus olympia

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hello good night I am trying to contact the owner of this model of the temple of zeus would serve as a wonder, if you allow it I will upload it in case someone is interested in making improvements I will upload it in blender well it depends if the owner gives me permission, the colossus will I have been well but I cannot lower it to low poly. It is deformed. If someone can help me, I would appreciate it.

hola  buenas noches estoy tratando de contactarme con el dueño de este modelo del templo de zeus  serviria como maravilla, si lo permite lo subire por si alguien esta interesado en hacerles mejoras  lo subire en blender bueno depende si el dueño me da permiso, el coloso lo llevo bien pero no puedo bajarlo a low poly se deforma si alguien me puede ayudar en esto se lo agradeceria.




coloso de rodas .jpg

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That temple looks promising! At least it seems to have the correct proportions and number of columns. If the original creator explicitly releases it under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 licence, it would be a welcome addition to the game. Does it also include Phidias' famous gold-and-ivory statue of Zeus inside?

As for that colossus, that interpretation is far too fancy to my taste, combining elements of various Apollo statues with some elements belonging to Herakles and Helios, plus the weird right arm holding that bowl, which would structurally be rather unstable. It's safe to say the Hellenistic Colossus of Rhodes would not have looked like that.

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well here I send the temple of zeus I would like to work on painting and downloading things to the model but I only have basic knowledge of blender


I really would like to do it but everything is very basic. I leave it to the experts who do a good job and all the wonders are almost fulfilled, in no other juice have I seen them together and believe me I have played many rts. 

and no one has them so real
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@feneur, could you split off the Colossus of Rhodes related posts from this thread and merge them with https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28096-wonder-colossus-of-rhodes/&tab=comments#comment-395879 ?

Let's focus the the discussion here on the Temple of Zeus at Olympia.

13 hours ago, marius4 said:

hello good afternoon first of all the good news gave us permission to wonder

Where did you find it? What changes did you make? How does the original creator like to be credited? How do you want to be credited? Did you point the author to this forum?

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9 hours ago, Nescio said:

@feneur , ¿podría separar las publicaciones relacionadas con Coloso de Rodas de este hilo y fusionarlas con https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28096-wonder-colossus-of-rhodes/&tab=comments # comentario-395879 ?

Centremos la discusión aquí en el Templo de Zeus en Olimpia.

¿Dónde lo encontraste? ¿Qué cambios hiciste? ¿Cómo le gusta al creador original ser acreditado? ¿Cómo quieres ser acreditado? ¿Señalaste al autor a este foro?


  • Hello good afternoon the temple I found it here:



  • Right there I sent the message to the creator asking for permission to use his model in the game I told him it was for the game 0ad that the game was free license. The only thing he sent in the message was to be able to see it when they finished upstairs send a photo of the message.


  • How I want to be accredited I don't care how important it is that the model is in the game that would make me very happy.
    I believe in what boys are doing. In this game I found in what age of empires I lack the diversity that all civilizations are different and they look different
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10 hours ago, Nescio said:

r, could you split off the Colossus of Rhodes related posts from this thread and merge them with https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28096-wonder-colossus-of-rhodes/&tab=comments#comment-395879 ?

Most of what I can see is in posts where there already are more on-topic discussion going on + now @marius4 has posted the links in that thread already, so I've just hidden the Colossus-only posts, and if people want to edit their posts + post in that thread instead that would be good, but in either case I don't think what is posted as part of other posts really add enough of value to go through and split up individual posts :) 

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32 minutes ago, feneur said:

La mayor parte de lo que puedo ver es en publicaciones donde ya hay más discusiones sobre el tema + ahora @ marius4 ya  ha publicado los enlaces en ese hilo, por lo que acabo de ocultar las publicaciones exclusivas de Colossus, y si la gente quiere edite sus publicaciones + publicaciones en ese hilo, eso sería bueno, pero en cualquier caso, no creo que lo publicado como parte de otras publicaciones realmente agregue suficiente valor para revisar y dividir publicaciones individuales:) 


this model of zeus is the sketch is made with several parts of statues of zeus is in blender I do not think it will serve to go to low poly I leave it as an example or if someone takes the task to do it would be wonderful

zeus olympia.rar

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