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  1. Good night because I have to format the hard drive and that I am going to be traveling I leave this 3d model in case someone is interested in the task of doing it. the front fronton Temple_of_artemisa.rar
  2. good night here there a model of egyptian car for the ptolemies or kuchitas egyptian_chariot.rar
  3. guys, the colossus is going well, congratulations
  4. It worked for me before I get the error when starting the game thanks. this is the specification of my pc RyZEN 5 3600 6 CORE 3.59GHZ
  5. Coloso de Rodas project1.blendColoso de Rodas project1.blend
  6. well I leave this and I will wait for the results of your decisions thank you have a good night
  7. good night these are the 3 colossi that I propose based on the images so that they can vote which of the three they want, you can also exchange the pedestals. I will send the winning 3d model here in this forum well if you like the models proposed here
  8. https://parpatrimonioytecnologia.wordpress.com/2017/11/13/recreacion-virtual-en-3d-de-personajes-historicos/
  9. What I did with the Makehuman avatar is to export it as an mhx2 file for blender and in blender hat to install an addons on the same page of make human this
  10. Good afternoon, the license would be mine. I believe it. I will now say how I did it: the first step was to choose an avatar in makehuman that is free code, this program was chosen because it allows you to export a skeleton that allows you to mold the postures for blender. later to make the cape I did it with a program called Marvelous designer the head if it is from a statue of Alexander the Great because the other programs give a more human faction. I can make more models to choose from according to the images above. I would like to do the lowpoly and adapt it for the game but I do not know how to do it, what I can do is make the models and upload them and ask them for the favor that someone can adapt them for the game thank you for any concern please write me here or personally
  11. here I leave the file so you can see itproyecto helios defini.rar
  12. good afternoon I would like to have your opinion this is the model that I propose for the colossus I have been creating it since we started this forum on the colossus I would also like to know which of the pedestals they like
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