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0 A.D. on rpi4


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Hi, ive tested the game on rpi4 but with one big concern about gl profile. When ive try to use an SDL with non desktop gl profile the game claim than it need opengl 3.0 Es, wich is a profile than my mesa profile has! otherwise, ive use my normal sdl2 than includes opengl profile (2.1 desktop).

How I could get opengl 3.0 ES working on this game? do I need to separate sdl with something like ./update-framework --with-system-sdl ? I believe its loading my system sdl anyway, but I dont get why I cant use it when clearly seems than this game can use opengl 3.0 ES.

thanks on advance!!



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Our games has only OpenGL 1/2 implementation and OpenGL ES (but it requires additional compilation flags, and highly likely it's not compilable). With default OpenGL the game can't request GL3. So the claiming is sent by some dependency (SDL or driver). AFAIK the game uses the system version of SDL on *nix platforms (config is taken from the environment variable: SDL2_CONFIG).

Could you provide the error/warning?

See https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths

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5 hours ago, askmewho said:

So, we dont know if Opengl 3.0 ES will work ?? 

Well first of all it would be Open GL ES 2.0 not 3.0 as we don't use Open GL 3.0 either for the rest of the devices.

I don't have a RPI 4 yet so I can't try the GL ES 2.0 build. Are you willing to try that ?

6 hours ago, askmewho said:

does anybody on the team has vulkan in mind for the future??

Yes we do however we are severly undermanned for such a task. Also it would mean dropping a lot of old computers and some extra work to keep supporting Mac OS.

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