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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey & Titan Quest -- Art Inspiration Thread

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On 7/7/2019 at 2:35 PM, LordGood said:

What, your family murdered by tents or something?

Looks nice, was made by very skilled artists working like slaves in some instances. Only thing I’m opposed to here is the milking of AC

Yeah, I don't know why the Agora wouldn't have been blanketed in market stalls and tents/canopies on any standard market day. They didn't run foot races down the middle of the Agora every day, @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates. I was a bustling a thriving market in the heart of the city. The fact that they bothered to model the Stoa of Zeus, Temple of Hephaistos, and the Painted Stoa, among other architectural notables is a big plus in my book as well. They didn't have to even go that far, since we know the masses don't care about accuracy, but they did. :)



And the Acropolis isn't overly fanciful. They have the Parthenon situated correctly and wonderfully modeled and detailed, they have the Erechtheon modeled accurately. Athena Promachos is too large and lavish (by a factor of 2), but the fact they included all these details at all is great.



One thing I like is how colorful everything is. Buildings have colorful plaster, people wear colorful tunics and robes. Walls are covered in frescoes. 

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2 hours ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

Unfortunately like the interior of palaces, they do not really show in the game which mainly shows exteriors ( @Stan` considerations above interesting to you too, maybe?) 


The discovery tour for AC: Odyssey will be available this fall.

There are some videos about missions in interior places but... I don't think you will like it:


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