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looks weird unit.I mean looks from othervtimeframe. this is very nice.

It would have been quite risky to heavily alter civ set colour pallette. Specially between old-school "purists" gamers, since this is an original Ensemble Studios designed civ. Civs that were later ad

they even remaster the icons this time. the icons looks very nice with renders.  

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15 minutes ago, Genava55 said:

If you don't like, you don't buy.

Personally, I see AoE2 DE as an improvement.

I didn't .

Visually is an improvement .with great units .

But still inferior remaster than previous DE.

Each fix ruin the game like the lag generated by the language filter.

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Just now, Lion.Kanzen said:

I didn't .

I was responding to the opinion from your link. It pisses me off to see people complaining while buying the game. I really disliked the direction took in the Total War series because of restrictive modding and lies from the developers about it. I choose to boycott the series since Empire, I never gave a cent to them since.

3 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

But still inferior remaster than previous DE.

Each fix ruin the game like the lag generated by the language filter.

From the previous HD you mean?

Yeah I know they did something excessive with the language filter, they will probably change that.

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The profanity filter is definitely annoying and should be optional. It even censors the AI and Spanish speakers can’t say Black Forest… I don’t expect it to remain in its current condition.

I don’t really understand the problem with autoscout. It’s terrible. You get more efficient scouting from a few seconds of shift clicking. If you autoscout after finding your initial sheep and boars, the autoscout is likely to go run under the enemy TC. It’s obviously just intended for new players and has no impact on the game beyond very low skill level.


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don’t even understand why the devs mentioned the profanity filter in their patch update yet they did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it.

It’s virtually impossible to communicate at any level.



What the actual ■■■■ microsoft. This is the most embarassing thing i’ve seen in 20 years of gaming.
@Cysion bruh, gonna do something about it or we wait another month to get the entire alphabet censored?


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Maybe this is the #4 easter egg. Well played, May-hem indeed.

Easter eggs:

  1. Games no longer crash at 5 minutes -> They crash before that, when they even start;
  2. Chat filters even worse -> Good thing the lobby crashes and players dont even connect to avoid chatting altogether - also why there is no chat when you are looking for a game with a a premade is beyong me;
  3. Pathfinding worse than in March;
  4. Cheaters!

Add to that the fact that the map pool is even worse than last month’s… So sad.

We need to revert the patch back to March’s AND add anti-cheat mechanisms. ASAP. Like, 2 days is too late already.



I changed my review on Steam Store and many of my friends did as well. NOT RECOMMENDED. Review This is the best game ever but instead after 6 months for this game to be mature with minor tweaks, its gotten worse. Like HOW!?

  • Each patch this is what happens:

-We fixed 10 issues from the old patch! (But here are 3 more issues, stuff can walk through walls, pathing is gone… like gone gone… say good by to units. Oh and we changed all civs while at it.)

  • Next month.

Walls work as intended. Pathing is still same but we think thats ok. I mean yea what ever. Oh people can now cheat in actual game cause we got a new cheat code for 256 mod. Enjoy!

  • Month later

We fixed the 256 mod cheat but now we can just cheat in general. Here: have a look!
Video 3
Also now game crashes like ALL THE TIME and also you cannot chat in game sometimes, thats special easter egg :wink:

  • June update:

We didnt do anything about cheating but here a worse map pool! Also games worse we dont know why.

Okay now honestly what is the plan here? Here is how:

  • Can you test your patches FOR ONCE? Like really… ill test it for you… send me the beta and ill happily put few hours each day to test it.

  • Cheaters? Sure no problem, have a dedicated mod and a section here for people to post cheaters profiles. Mods should be able to ban IP instantly and cheaters are gone. Need volunteers? Ask some Pro players or community guys to help. We WILL HELP. We love this game. But please dont sit there doing nothing. Until you develop a good anti-cheat, implement this old school way!

  • Crashes? No worries, STOP MAKING WILD CHANGES EACH PATCH! Leave it as is. Dont bring more features like the 256 cheat code! That literally broke the game. Stop balancing civs for now! Just fix the previous issues. Just focus on the game breaking issue PLEASE.


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Mmm I am being a nerd here but I find sad they put random "scientific" things for the research in any building.

For example the chemical structure appearing is the Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate... this is related to the Calvin cycle in photosynthesis.

They should have put the chemical structure of something in use at this time. Sulfuric acid, diethyl ether, any kind of soap, potassium nitrate.

Edit: the same for the math, why putting an integral in there...

Edited by Genava55
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