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===[COMMITTED]=== The next big thing : Helmets


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Thank you for the comments.

Enrique: I have tried to fit the head and it worked only by rescaling a little bit.

I have tried to texture it using a 128x128 texture. I'm not quite satisfied of my first try, but here it is.

I'm using GIMP to do the texture.

Make some comments so I can correct the texture more easily.




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Right now it's too saturated in my opinion. I went for bronze/iron variations because you can make details pop up switching between them. Keep in mind that we can use playercolor in helmets too, which means the color will vary depending on the player that owns the unit. (iron texture = greyscale texture, which can be used as alpha mask to make the playercolor happen)

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I used this one for bronze and the same one 100% desaturated for the iron variation, you can use whatever texture you want as long as it is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 or CC0. This one is taken from another helmet texture already ingame and modified to get rid of the helmet-specific details it had.


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I think the bronze should be smooth. Helmets are highly prize by the men and when go into battle they are clean and polished. Also if make a helmet with a visor, such as Attic style or Thracian style or Chalcidian style, go ahead and use geometry for the visor. 


Also when model helmets, model from good references, not just imagination. Good luck guy. I like you.

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@stanislas69 I feel like some of them are a little too tight right now.

The two variations of the lower left (I guess it's the same mesh but with minimal texture tone change) isn't resting propperly on the head. The visor ends mid-forehead where the references you posted the visor ends at eyebrow level or even lower. I also would like to see references for the rest of the variations you have there. If we improve them let's get details correct.

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