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  1. Enrique: I totally agree with you. Which bronze/iron textures do you use?
  2. stanislas69: I guess I followed too much the middle reference. I'll do the one with the crest for now (the bottom left one).
  3. Thank you for the comments. Enrique: I have tried to fit the head and it worked only by rescaling a little bit. I have tried to texture it using a 128x128 texture. I'm not quite satisfied of my first try, but here it is. I'm using GIMP to do the texture. Make some comments so I can correct the texture more easily.
  4. I've done the high poly sculpting. I'm going to do next a normal map, ambient map and the texture. What do you think about it? EDIT: What is the maximum texture size for this kind of model?
  5. Hi, I'm giving a try on the officer helmet ticket. I'm not sure if I'm doing the geometry wanted for this helmet (there are multiple geometries in this reference: ​http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/7427/kolorowyp.jpg Which one should I aim for? Do I do the little smurf thing on top of the helmet?
  6. I've played several games, and I found that when playing persians, I found that any type of infantry beside the elite infantry is too weak against spearmen. What should be done against spearmen when playing Persians?
  7. Hi, City wall towers could garison more people (10 people instead of 5), so they can shoot more arrows. They are kind of weak against normal infantry when compared to castles. What do you think?
  8. Submitted my patch. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2431
  9. Ok, with my tests, my code is faster about 15% on my laptop using this test procedure: Open Skirmish Alpine Valley (2)Calculate average time spent on sending patches.With old code, it takes about 66000 instructions to get to an average time of 0.003s. With the new code, it takes about 57000 instructions to get an average time of 0.003s.I will open a ticket when the system will run again. Lucas Malo Bélanger
  10. Do you have a suggestion on how to measure this? I'm new to those built-in debug tools in 0.A.D.
  11. I've looked in the rendering code and I saw some possible optimizations. In the old code, at each frame the game had to calculate the patches to draw even if the frustum didn't change. So I coded the changes and the game is slightly faster on my laptop when the screen is static. So, what are the best practices when submitting patches? Thanks for responding. Lucas Malo Bélanger
  12. I've played a few games of 0.A.D and I noticed there is no difference in the walking speed of units depending on the terrain type. For example: Concrete path/ dry grass/ light sand : 1x speed for any unitDeep sand/ Deep snow, Marsh: 0.75x for cavalry/camels/elephants, 0.5x for infantry, 0.25x for siege weaponsThis additional map flag should add some realism to the game. What do you think about this idea?
  13. Hello everyone! I've started working on rewriting the Spline class by making it more conform to the C++ standard (usage of iterators, algorithms). Some questions: What is your opinion about const correctness?Is C++11 a supported feature?Are STL algorithms such as find_if, generate_n preferable to rewriting the algorithm?Thanks for reading!
  14. Hi everyone! First of all, I discovered this game 2 days ago and I find it amazing, especially for an open-source game! I have lot of experience in C++ and a little bit in Blender. I'd like to contribute on this game but I'm not sure how the tickets system is working. How do I pick up tasks and assure that those were not picked by someone else? Thanks.
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