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The trash war is possible in 0 A.D?


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Trash units are cheap military units that costs no gold or other rare resources. In all games of the Age of Empires series, there are several units that are considered "trash units". These units can be massed easily, and for the most part, they are useful for defending a location or countering certain enemy units. The term "trash" refers to the fact that most of these units only cost the most common resources (usually wood and food in all of the games).

When a player is using trash units they are usually trying to overwhelm their opponents with quantity instead of quality, or using them as cannon fodder to occupy the enemy troops to give the player time to create a more powerful army. Trash armies are also essential to long games without trade where gold is limited in quantity.

Somall faction can have this units, are possible some Civs superior to other?

is reliably? Like AOK using skirmisher or using spearman vs metal cost units.

quantity vs quality?

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I find it difficult to consider Citizen Soldiers being used purely as Trash Units. The definition works to some extent, but AoE's trash units can't pay themselves back nor be used to establish a strong defensive base.

But if I just grant the purpose "fending off attacks to give enough time to produce stronger units", I think it's too early to say since the game isn't yet optimized to support huge population caps.

I think it's possible though.

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I don't consider them as trash units in the exact same way as AoE because:

  1. You can do more with them other than just sending them out to die (build and gather). AoE trash units don't.
  2. They can be used to "pay back" what you have spent them for. AoE trash units can't do that.
  3. You don't need to send out the weaker villagers just to build on a strategic position, and can contribute to the faster build time while the enemies are still closing in. AoE trash units don't.

They're only defined as 0 A.D. Trash Units because

  1. They only cost Food and Wood
  2. Are there to fend off attacks until you can produce the stronger units.

Some people don't like the concept of Glorified Villagers (aka Citizen Soldiers), and that's fine with me. I even had someone argue that Citizen Soldiers are either Citizens or Soldiers, but not both at the same time. Stressing the point that he was either wielding a sword, or a plow. However he sees it, I like how 0 A.D. implements it in the game. But that's just me.

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