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Technologies for Delenda Est


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Thanks to new code added to the game, I am able to complete my blacksmith tech trees with "Forging" and "Metallurgy" techs. 



  • Reduce the cost of Blacksmith techs by -25% and unlock all other blacksmith techs.
  • Research time: 40s



  • Reduce the research time of Blacksmith techs by -50% and unlock all other blacksmith techs.
  • Research time: 20s


So, neither cost resources, but you must choose one or the other in order to start researching scrumptious techs at the blacksmith.



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1 hour ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Hey Lion, can you post your technolohy ideas here you think would fit the mod? I remember you had some decent idea.

At last, my point are based in the RTS is a session where you fights are improved by technologies, the war always push the men to evolve.

I make the generic based in several games ( RTS )

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I will sorting by phase and basic/simple first.


all colony and settlement needs this.

Village Watch
Phase: 1
Improves Buildings +25% Line-of-Sight LOS
Research Costs: 100 Food
Research Time: 20s
Civilization(s): All
Illustration: a torch or militia walking
Source: AOEO, AOK


this is classic optional technology , it's not essential but is nice to have. Can be nice reduce the actual LOS of all buildings and start with very limited LOS even units, so the world map look like a hostile ambient...



"Each town and community was responsible for its own defense for much of the Middle Ages, relying on the local lord and his retinue of soldiers for protection. The danger from bandits, raiders, or unfriendly neighbors was real. Communities developed a town watch that scouted the nearby countryside regularly. The town watch reported danger to give the community time to prepare what defense it could."

Herding Dogs
Increases Villager & Cavalry gathering rate from Animals.

  • +50% Speed Herding


  • +30% hunting gather rate

Phase: 1
Research Costs: 150 Wood, 50 Gold/metal
Civilization(s): All
Needs Hunting Dogs

Illustration: dogs
Source: Aoe II AOM, AOE III


in my original tree I Forgot this is my favorite from aom. very interesting.



  • +30% herd animal fattening rate (if you have near of corral the source of food can be 3x /4x from original by domestic animals)
  • +20% herd animal gather rate

Illustration: sheep 




Signal Fire
Phase: 1
double arrows for outpost
+1 range
+2 LOS Towers, Outposts, Turrets
Cost wood 100
Research Time: 10 sec




Long before the advent of the telegraph and radio, the ancients developed methods for rapid communication over distance, using fires, flags, and banners. Signal positions were placed within visual contact of each other in a chain and simple messages could be rapidly transmitted across large distances. A defensive wall could be manned lightly while mobile reserves were kept concentrated at regular intervals. Signals could bring warnings quickly, allowing the central reserve to move to a threatened position.


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On 7/26/2016 at 6:05 PM, Lion.Kanzen said:

@wowgetoffyourcellphone an be possibly fattening effect in domestic animals, the source of food is increasing, when animals is near a civil building.

or ask to team help to have this feature.

3 thing:

I would like for the corral feature to be implement already. Sheesh. I had it working in my mod at one time and changes have ruin it maybe a year ago (?), but it work just as describe (sheep show up in corral and they give trickle food). There was only 1 problem that the entities still wandered (while the actor stayed in the corral, ,lol), but that could have been fixed by just not making sheep and goats wander (chicken should still wander but they don't count). I never figured out how to stop sheeps from wandering. Some kind of unitAI setting maybe. But the sheep garrisoning in corral feature should work very well and just fine with just some minor code to the UnitAI.js to allow animal garrisoning (and then disable wandering). Trickle is accomplish with a garrison aura.

Second, sheep (and goat and cattle and whatever) capturing should be implemented. MAKE IT JUST LIKE AOE, OMG. Very simple in concept, don't overthink it.Just do it exactly like AOE. I know the code could be tricky, but the concepy it simple and straightforward as gameplay.

Third, fattening I think can be like AOE (happen over time regardless), or do like AOE3 and task them to gather around corral - they fatten - they move away from corral to show player they are done.

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