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Hello everyone, first time posting here.

First of all, congratulations for this marvellous project.

Here is my first contribution, hope you like it, it is my first rig/animation in blender though, so probably it needs a lot of tweaking.



I would like to see how the wings are renderer in the engine as it may have problems with back-faces shadows at the wings.

If you want to see it in real time and with its animations just follow this link: https://sketchfab.com/models/ed6c4ea1a4464b77a1e14891b897879e


EDIT: Can we use alpha for the textures? The wings and tale would look much better with feather shapes :/



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Hello and welcome!

I like it, that's a nice addition to the hawks which already fly around in some maps. I'm a programmer and not really qualified to give feedback about art, so I leave that for one of the artists.

1 hour ago, JosCanPer said:

EDIT: Can we use alpha for the textures? The wings and tale would look much better with feather shapes :/

Yes, you can.
Have you already taken a look at the existing hawk actor xml here?

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Thanks for your work on this.

If you want the actor to be used in the main game (rather than just in some mod), you should watch out a bit for historical accuracy though.

Parrots only appear in tropical regions, and the only civilisation we have in a tropical region are the Mauryans (in India), so any parrots that are from Africa or the Americas can't be included in the game.

So the texture should represent one of the parrot or parakeet species that appeared in India around that period (so also no modern species that were introduced to India and now live there). Perhaps you can take some inspiration from this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_birds_of_India#Parrots_and_allies


But once the parrot is textured, there's the problem of behaviour/animation. Parrots and parakeets are notably reluctant to fly. They prefer to climb trees rather than flying from branch to branch. This is very different behaviour from hawks. So having a parrot flying around constantly like the hawk does would harm realism IMO, and letting parrots sit on the ground would also be quite lame (they prefer to stay in trees). So I have no good idea on how to give parrots realistic behaviour.

Perhaps it could be an actor that can be placed on Mauryan buildings (and India-specific trees), with some simple animations of just walking left and right once in a while.

Other ideas are welcome.

EDIT: thinking of it, the modelling and texturing depends on the wanted behaviour. If the wings of the parrot won't ever be opened in-game, the inside shouldn't be textured and should probably have less geometry (the geometry of the wing and the body can be merged).

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Thanks @Yves, good to know we can use alphas, I will make a better version of the texture and share it here again in case someone wants to use it as a base for any other flying animal.

Hi @sanderd17, yeah, that sounds like it requires a completely different mesh/texture/animation, my fault, but no worries, I will work on it and post it here when it is done.

Thanks for your feedback!


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