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PRAISE THE GODS! New Age of Mythology title in development!

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I'm pretty sure most of us are fans of the Age of Empires franchise, and some of us (myself included) hold Age of Mythology even more dearly. It was announced that Forgotten Empires and Skybox are developing a new AoM game:


My old prayers have been answered :notworthy:

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Yeah, was some revealed some moths ago, but now with a official announcement.

I wish more expansions than this, one with Mayans( pre columbian myths) or Romans ( mythology)

Unfortunately, this one is featuring seemingly only the Chinese, I really wish the Indians and Mayas would join the fight.

Funny how the chinese barracks look like the one from Rob Kimball's Han China mod.

Actually all the barracks (all the buildings, to be precise), have the same template, the only things that change architectually. from civ to civ are the ornaments. I think buildings in Rise of the East look better, but I'm very excited to play this expansion (just think about a Chinese dragon unit!).

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Yeah but when they announced this in other AOE franchise (AOE 2 HD aFrican...) they show chinese, celts and Arabian mythology

If they have success like AOE HD the Forgotten and Age of Mythology Extended edition, they can't stop easily. You know the industry selling DLCs.

My mistake they don't announced , the fans supposed because this.( June 23th)


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now the conversion is possibly with monks in AOM. I play myself, after some patches, but still not big deal, is very unprofessional work for a dev team, the only good looking work in art was the sound and the new menu, may be art copied from AOE 3.

rise of east for 0.AD have a georgeous models, this look a poor copy of our mod.



Will give some screenshots about this. What is the more important in gameplay, unit conversion, attack move, new maps, and buildings like gardens have auto gathering resources, like AOE 3 have those buildings for Asians factions and some Europeans.


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