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Delenda Est: An overhaul mod for 0 A.D.


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Slowly adding Delenda Est feature to main game I see. ;)

Delenda Est version:

{	"pair": "pair_defensive_01",		"genericName": "Murder Holes",	"description": "Murder Holes allow defenders to fire or drop projectiles upon enemy units huddled along the base of the defenders' wall.",	"cost": {"food": 0, "wood": 200, "stone": 100, "metal": 0},	"requirements": {"tech": "phase_city"},	"requirementsTooltip": "Unlocked in City Phase.",	"icon": "murder_holes.png",	"researchTime": 40,	"tooltip": "Towers and Fortresses no longer have a minimum attack range.",	"modifications": [		{"value": "Attack/Ranged/MinRange", "replace": 0}	],	"affects": ["Tower", "Fortress"],	"soundComplete": "interface/alarm/alarm_upgradearmory.xml"}



Okay so I think Im make the Principate Romans have to build Temple of Vesta to unlock Town Phase instead of a Triumphal Arch. Right now they have to build 2 Triumphal arch, 1 for Town Phase and 1 for City Phase, but I think it would be more interesting to build two different things insteead. Any thoughts?

Can considerate my sugg still about post Trajan era? ( Helmets)

I think Principates should stick to 1st and 2nd century. Dominates will be later.

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Slowly adding Delenda Est feature to main game I see. ;)

If we treat your mod as a testing ground for "what-if"s, then, yes. :P

Though, this now throw error in Struct Tree because the Struct Tree code does not know what "class" means in tech requirements.

Noted. Will look into it.
Apologies for the delay. Fix submitted (http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3682), and committed to SVN (http://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/17384).

Edit: Update to inform about fix having been committed.

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So, I may split the mod.

Delenda Est:

Part 1 era. 600 BC to 1 BC.

New civs

  • Epirotes
    • Pike and Elephant civ.
    • Good mix of mercenaries
  • Thebans
    • Fire raiser siege weapon
    • A "basic, core" civ. These guys are closer to the "core gameplay" of 0 A.D. than any other civ.
  • Scythians - UPCOMING RELEASE - Completely conceptualized and ready for implement
    • No territory effects. Can build anywhere.
    • Cheapest and weakest buildings of Part 1 civs, by far
    • Heavily cavalry base
    • Females, like Celts and Spartans, are strong; maybe even have some female version of units. Might test this out to find interesting gameplay with this gender experiments
  • Triumvirate Romans - PLANNING STAGE
    • NEW HEROES: Civ bonus: Train any 3 heroes at once!
      • Gaius Marius (The one who started it all. The reformer of the Roman war machine)
      • Cornelius Sulla (This guy sacked so many cities, it's not even funny, guys)
      • Pompeius Magna (Pompey the Great, 'nuff said)
      • Marcus Antoninus (Mark Anthony)
      • Julius Caesar (The man. The legend.)
      • Gaius Octavian (Augustus Caesar before he was sole-ruler of Rome!)
    • Bonuses vs. barbarian civs (TBD)
    • Marius' Mules special tech!

New features

  • Empire Phase: Build a Wonder to unlock the 4th phase of the game. This unlock  any powerful techs, especially at the Fortress.
  • Mercenaries and Mercenary camps - IMPLEMENTED, working NEARLY FLAWLESSLY. (Still need some mercs for Indians and some other civs)
  • Farmlands - it is hacky, but IMPLEMENTED and working beautifully
  • Strong core (city concept), weak countryside: Farms, Farmsteads, Corrals, and Storehouses can be build outside of terriitory. Territory effects of buildings lessened to make the city core compact and defensive.
  • Technologies: 100 new technologies and tech pairs IMPLEMENTED. So many new technologies and the tech tree is nearly 100% customized. At least 50% of all civs have unique techs





Part 2 era. AD 1 to around AD 600. Will use this mod as a test bed for new concepts and civs.

New civs

  • Principate Romans
    • Completely new Slave / Citizen economy!!!
    • Auxiliary Barracks allows for Auxiliary Units to be traine
    • So many new techs. Completely new blacksmith and barracks tech tree and other tweaks to the tree.
    • Unlock Town Phase by building Temple of Vesta. Unlock City Phase by build Triumphal Arch.
    • Legionnaires can build Onagers in enemy territory after researrch Field Artillery.
  • Dominate Romans
    • Late Rome or "Early Byzantines" phase of this civilization.
    • Palace Army / Field Army / Frontier Army dynamic? TBD
    • Belisarius, Justinian, Constantine
  • Germans - PLANNED
    • Human sacrifice?
    • Wooden structures? No stone costs?
    • Split tribe choices at City and Empire Phase?
      • Or, make separate civs, like the Greeks: Franks, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Marcomanni. May have to do this if not have ability for phase splitting UI
  • Huns - PLANNED
    • Similar to Scythians, but have packable structures.
    • Fully nomadic. Always start match in Nomad mode.
    • These guys require the most programming to be implement
  • Parthians - PLANNED
    • Mix between nomadic (Scythian/Hunnic) features  and Iranian (Persian/Sassanid/Achaemenid) features.
  • Axumites - PLANNED
    • 100% new African-based civ
    • Build small pyramids for some kind of effect, TBD
    • 100% African skinned units and structure.
    • Maybe free tier-1 structure like the Egyptians (Ptolemies)

New features

  • Unsure. Need these features in core game:
    • Buulding packing.
    • Ability to start Huns always at Nomad level.
  • Delenda Est is a dependency, so has all of Delenda Est's features, like Farmland, Empire Phase, Mercenary Camps, etc.
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29 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

Where you find the time to do this?

I find this kind of grunt work satisfying for some reason. I'm addicted to it.


29 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

you are planning incluiding Mesoamericans?

I lack the vital skills to add many of these civs on my own. As always, it depends on what interest there is from fellow modders. We do good things when we combine efforts.

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This wiki is a good add on. I've been trying to find a read me file of the mod to no avail. 

Btw for principitate Romans is it possible for the slaves to be healed in the CC? Or maybe they should start with a free healer. The temple heals them but it takes a while to build and most probably they die. Or maybe at the rate their health deteriorates their cost should be much lower. It's very interesting to play them but I guess they are not complete yet. 

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Main Page, the hub.



Resources page, on which I attempt to explain all the resources, what they're for, and how to acquire them.



General Layout for faction pages.



I hope the layouts and information style proves to be useful. Thoughts? Wanting to get these pages right before using the same general formats and layouts for other pages.

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I like how the Faction Page turned out. Only that it needs images for each unit/structure just like what you did on the Gathering Resources Page.

I don't know about other devices, but the Main Page feels off because of the image overlap. I assume that it's only a bug on my square screen.asdfasdfasdf.thumb.png.9e95e8b6c03d5c5254cbdebed00bb53a.png

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