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===[COMMITTED]=== Tuna


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I know this wasn't an actual reqeusted task, but there is a "tuna" model in the map editor, and it's pretty far off (just a copy of the general "fish" model).

So, I made model for a big, bluefin tuna.

My current problem is, I'm not sure exactly which species of tuna I should go for. Something from the mediterranean sea should fit I think, but even there, googling for references I can't even 2 references with the same number of fins... :search:


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The size, shape and the amount of fins is probably related to the species indeed:


Seemingly most Tunas live either in the South Atlantic or in the Pacific. An exception to this is the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, which happens to live in the Northern Atlantic as well as the Mediterranean Sea and (before they became extinct) the Black Sea. This specie seems most suited to me:



I think the shape of the fins on top of your model needs to be slightly adjusted to match these pictures.

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@Alexandermb Can you help me ? I'm trying to export the shoal. I've successfully baked the constraints and everything but the game keeps complaining it cannot find the prop points... I tried adding parent bones to no avail... Any idea on what I'm doing wrong ?



tuna3.blend animal_fish_shoal.dae fish_shoal_armature.xml tuna_shoal.xml fauna_fish_tuna.xml

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