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Carthage in the Punic period (courtesy Musee de Carthage, KK)

If you used SVN then you could put units on the wall.

Fall of Carthage sounds adventurous. If you think using a historical map as reference is overkill. Then you could make Cathage much bigger, i.e. only showing a part of Carthage, one single part of wall. Half the map could be covered by Carthage city buildings and Romans could try to storm this wall.

Triggers could be handy here, e.g. once a wall breaks you could call up the citizens to help defend the city. You could make heroes appear and try to close he hole that broke.

Once this hero fell you could trigger a last stand action of Carthage trying to hold the territory where the hero fell in all circumstances! You could make the Carthaginians gather and try an excursion to free some pressure of the broken wall.

You could wait for the Roman leader (hero) to enter the crumbling city and once he's inside trigger an encirclement or change ownership of the hero (i.e. capture the hero).

You could spawn helper armies from Carthage's allies.

If triggers are no option, then I think it still could be fun if you put units on walls + make the city cover at least half the map. it could be called an "urban map" then. Carthage should have much cavalry I think. And the Romans massive siege units. This would force the carthaginians to risk an excursion to destroy the siege units.


Roman Carthage

Conquering the harbous could be a separate map? (if you really want to model the complete city then there is no other way than to look for a map of carthage).

Pre-Roman Carthage


Empire of Carthage


Queen Dido building Carthage in 900B.C. (The Phoenician's alternative settlement of Tyre, Carthage was called 'New city' in its native language.)


Carthage's harbous in "Rome - Total War" (btw. Total war is a very bad name! There is no more unethical war than a total war as total war means civilians are targeted too!)

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Where were the famous triple walls located, anyway? Somewhere along the coast? It is pretty hard to see on the pictures.

Also, where should the Romans be placed? On an offshore island? Can you set units to be garrisoned inside ships in Atlas?

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I started making the map on a whim, so there is little historical accuracy. I admit, that there is no harbor yet... I will make a second version of this map to make it more complete.

We are not here to judge, just to give advice to make you map, a must have for players :)

About historical accuracy you are in a very bad forum to be wrong with that :P

Where were the famous triple walls located, anyway? Somewhere along the coast? It is pretty hard to see on the pictures.

Also, where should the Romans be placed? On an offshore island? Can you set units to be garrisoned inside ships in Atlas?

You can, but at least you can put them on the map and ask them to garrison in a building. You will have to use the trigger system otherwise. That's a bit of programming if you go

that way, but I hope you will, maps are way much fun that way (5 years of experience tell me that :) ).

Google is your friend :)

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Overview of Roman Arrival (note this was the final last stand of Carthage before it was burned down)


Triple walls covered the west:


Triple-Walls in cross-section:


No idea if it's possible to garrison in Atlas.

18:53 < rada> anotherone: "Can you set units to be garrisoned inside              ships in Atlas?"18:53 < rada> I have no idea myself ...18:54 <@leper> no18:55 <@leper> (you could probably do something with triggers though)
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I know they did not invade by sea, but it would be much more fun if they did.

One of the consuls did try to invade by sea too.

Also the Romans finally made it to conquere the first harbour (the square one). Then one year later they managed to break into the city from there. Though the Romans also managed to breach the walls at at least two points, they never could overthrow the defenders behind those breaches (one the Carthaginians never managed to close despite working day and night).

Quite interesting the Carthaginians even managed to construct a secret navy in the harbour and this could have been the turning point if the Romans hadn't put siege rams on ships and tried to attack the harbour to cut of the last resupply route of the carthaginians. Now the carthaginians panicked instead of futher keeping its navy secret and created a breach in another part of the harbour wall themselves where they left the city to attack the Roman siege ram ships.

That's probably been one of the few (and most fatal) mistake the carthaginians made (as the Romans could have not repulsed a surprise attack on their navy as they'd been fully unaware of the carthaginian tremendous efforts (e.g. they produced hundreds of shields + swords every night, and the same speed they showed when constructing this secret navy). It could have been the turning point which could have changed history.

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That is very interesting reading, Radagast. The Romans of the 3rd Punic War were the villains of the story, as far as I'm concerned. They couldn't believe the rise of Carthage from the dregs that was left of their economy and military after the 2nd Punic War. The Fall of Carthage was a tragedy, but I guess it all lends itself to the betterment of the future Roman Empire. :)

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