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Urban Maps

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By urban I was thinking of making a map which has lost;s of buildings owned by gaia which you can't use. Sort of like a decoration.

However, once the convert/capture building thing is enabled then these buildings can be made so they can be captured.

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personally, i've thought that some recreations of ancient cities with little room to expand (in exchange prompting the player to capture buildings to use and "unusual" resources such as piles of wood or crates of food) would be an interesting game mode. basically you don't have room to build so you have to capture individual buildings to create your base.

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It might also cause performance issues, because the poly-count of the building models assumes the map isn't totally covered with buildings?

Buildings aren't that complicated. Natural meshes (trees, animals, units, ...) require a lot more triangles to fill the same space. So that's not really an issue.

Without capturing, I don't really see how to make these maps interesting to play. But they'd give nice screenshots of course.

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