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  1. Was fixed in response to your ticket, by removing a build flag. You could compile the current release with SSE2 disabled if you don't want to wait for the next release. I'd prefer that was left enabled, to be honest - the vast majority of pre-Core2 boxes will never run 0ad playably in any case, so reducing performance for everyone else doesn't seem like a good trade-off.
  2. Unless I've missed something, there hasn't been an update on the finances since April last year. The fundraiser page on Indiegogo hasn't been updated since then either. Since the original plan for using the Indiegogo money fell through, have other programmers been funded to work on the game as described in that last report? If not, what will be done with the money collected? Another financial report would be nice sometime.
  3. At the moment, AIs are run synchronously on every client like the rest of the simulation. Not only does this require each client PC to do the processing for every AI, it makes development of AIs harder because they need to be perfectly deterministic or else create obscure and hard-to-fix bugs. Is there any reason why each AI couldn't be run on a single client (either all on the game host or automagically distributed somehow), with all simulation-modifying commands being sent in the same manner as human players? Such an arrangement would reduce the load on each client and remove the need for deterministic AIs. One small downside would be that saving a multiplayer game wouldn't be able to preserve AIs being run on other clients - perhaps in this case the serialized AI states (how big are they?) could be requested from the clients running them?
  4. It might also cause performance issues, because the poly-count of the building models assumes the map isn't totally covered with buildings?
  5. A random idea I came up with reading the last page or so is to make techs significantly (but not cripplingly) more expensive if researched in eras later than when they're first available. This means you can go back and start a new tech branch that you ignored before, but it'll cost more than if you'd focused on it originally. You could postpone your era advancement, but that restricts your access to newer techs on already-explored branches, so you can go through the tech tree breadth-first or depth-first (or in-between), the former being much cheaper overall but giving later access to advanced tech. Might be a nightmare to balance properly though; postponing advanced tech access would need a lot of offsetting, which might just ruin the game.
  6. You may be confused with languages like C, where an 'undefined' variable simply has a random value? In Javascript 'undefined' is a specific state that can be tested for.
  7. One of the authors of JPS proposed a way to do non-uniform grids: Two years later he still hasn't written that article (or I can't find it), but some people report that his proposed method works as expected. ;-)
  8. It doesn't - C99 is the 1999 revision of the language standard. C11 was published a couple of years back (in 2011), although some compilers (looking at MSVC) don't even support C99 fully yet. [/offtopic]
  9. That's...an even worse idea. It has all the previously-described downsides of abandoning years of work and restarting from scratch, unlike your previous idea doesn't even have the merit of using some pre-existing work, and then you want to do it in an interpreted language? Imagine the JS problems, but magnified enormously and affecting the entire game, with no possibility of reaching native performance even if done well. Reality (or knowledge) check urgently needed... Too harsh, maybe?
  10. The game's not even in Beta yet! Still in Alpha. Review looks quite good, a couple of distinctive features you didn't mention are the territory system and citizen-soldiers.
  11. All these graphics look far better than the current ones. Very nice! I think the third tooltip looks best, the second looks 'unbalanced' with the letter obscuring one of the decorative thingies. In that Match Setup picture, why does the Map Description box have normal text with spirally things in the header when all the others have italic text between the other style of decoration? It doesn't really fit in (although the regular text as also seen in the first few images looks better than italic IMO).
  12. Viewing the main play0ad page with Qupzilla 1.3.5, the text in the 'Tweets' box doesn't quite fit - it overhangs like this: http://imgur.com/a40OI3r In Chromium, the text is a bit smaller, and it fits (although still ending "ph...", which is a bit odd seeing as it takes up more space that way?). In case you haven't encountered Qupzilla, it's a Webkit-based browser; this version has WebKit 534.34. New website is very nice, though!
  13. As someone whose newest laptop still has a GMA950, I'd obviously rather you didn't break 0ad on it... . Despite what some have said above, it is in fact playable to a reasonable extent. However, I can also see the logic in dropping support for my old hardware, as I gather the overlap between "new enough to play 0ad tolerably" and "old enough to not have the required features" is somewhat restricted. I can always play on my desktop (Pentium D, HD 7770 ), which gives far better graphics and performance anyway. If you think dropping old hardware support will have significant benefits, go ahead and do it - I'll be waiting to play with whatever new features it allows... Even shorter: Personally, it would be better if you kept the old hardware support. If you don't and that allows you to make the game better, I can put up with that. Thanks for the awesome game.
  14. Looks nice - I'm not so sure about the way the guy's spear pokes into another 2 quadrants though, perhaps you could make him a little smaller to fit into one quadrant?
  15. OpenTTD, Minecraft*, warzone2100, AoK, SimSig, PC Elite**, SWBFII. *Tekkit **in DOSbox *Tekkit
  16. I compiled the latest revision on Linux Mint 13, x86_64, using gcc 4.6.3. No compile errors. When run, it opens a window in which I can (very briefly) see the main menu, then crashes. Alpha 10 as installed from the PPA works fine. CPU is a Pentium D, graphics is a Radeon 7770 using the proprietary drivers. Output to the console, when run on its own and using gdb:
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