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Age of Mythology Extended Edition Coming to Steam!

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AoK HD?, no great thing. Best than original but not a new thing or relevant stuff , they dont add new gameplay .

Now with AoM. I hope the same thing. No great changes same game. Can be good create the AOE I with gameplay of AOm or AOK that can be a new experience.

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I'm a top 16 Age of Mythology player from ESO and Voobly, highly active in the AoT/AoM community, I host tournaments etc for it.

AoMEE is a pile of crap haha, we've all gone back to Voobly to play the old Age of Mythology. Very disappointing there is a lot of lag and glitchy units in it. The new graphics are horrific, everything looks blurry and it's hard to play.

Not to mention you can insta resign in first 60 seconds in rated and not lose points (ruins competitive scene because you can pick and chose which gods/maps/players you verse), not too mention if a player drops it doesn't count as a rated game so people just disconnect from the internet when they're losing lol.

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