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  1. Well given the scope, idea and theme for our RTS project, a lot of things will be made from scratch or at least based loosely off of what's in the Public mod. The Engine - we will definitely have the source included, and also most likely be constantly updating to keep it the same version as the current 0 A.D.'s release. Perhaps even automatically, though that could be dangerous if there's an engine change that breaks various scripts.
  2. AoK:HD was a kick in the balls to the existing AoK community. I hope to god no-one messes up Age of Mythology the same way, that game was almost perfect.
  3. I most likely wouldn't change anything on the engine unless I could miraculously add some dedicated physics engine to it (which I most likely will never be able to do). I'd also make sure the engine was up to date. A commercial mod is what we'll go for but hopefully we can remove all the public mod stuff and release it as standalone with the pyrogenesis source packed with it.
  4. Interesting.. Is that required even if the scripts were modified? Art from the public mod wouldn't be present in a release version, though perhaps during development there might be uses of it temporarily so we know where things can go on the GUI, or if we need a terrain texture whilst our artists make our own. Of course, none of this art would be released outside of the development team.
  5. I don't quite understand, Do you mean that this thread is for people to request art all in one place? I got confused by "For the main game", too.
  6. Yea, Well I'm hoping with our project we will be able to avoid using things from the public mod, especially art. Would it be possible to maybe use some modified scripts? (to make things quicker/easier)
  7. Me and my development team are thinking of possibly using Pyrogenesis for our own RTS project at some point. With all the work that will be involved, we're most likely going to monetise it too so that we can earn something for our hard work. Of course, the source code would be included, as the license says - but also when pricing the game I will most likely not include the engine into calculating costs as it's not our work. I might even push a little profit back to Wildfire in the form of donations. But that's in the future.
  8. Nice to see you, Popey. ^^ For those that don't know, Popeychops and I both used to do a lot of AoK stuff together. We created Silent Evil, which won the 2009 GOTY at AoKH, and me and him both worked on Seas of Egressa. He's a good community member, a talented designer and a great friend.
  9. So long as you don't directly use their things, law has nothing to do with it. You don't see Microsoft taking Wildfire to court because they're making a medieval theme'd game. It's annoying how impossible it is to do anything completely original these days anyway.
  10. No, they can't sell it. That breaches copyright, yes - but if you made a freely available fan-made game then I don't see why that would be a problem.
  11. What do you mean? If you make the mod and distribute it for free then surely there should be no problems as you're not making a profit from Bethesda's IP..
  12. Would you have to tell the code where to display the new resources on the gui, or will it do that itself?
  13. You ever played the Age of Wonders series? That might be a nice place to look for inspiration of units and whatnot. (It's like HoMM but better)
  14. Y'know what's funny? I was working on a Tamriel mod for Age of Wonders. If you want, I can help dig up plenty of lore and research. You can get away with making a thing like this, if it's for non-profit. I don't know if that's how you'd want to take it, though.
  15. Whatdya mean? Sorry I don't fully know who everyone is and what they do just yet xD
  16. Can I get a little help with this? I'm not sure if I want to go for the whole Scenario Design sig or Programming sig. I know how to program in Java and C# but it's not an impressive amount, I'd still need to learn more - and I'd rather not take up anyone's time by asking for training or apprenticeships or whatever. I'm alright with scenario design but I kinda wanna help out where I can and do both design and programming. Is that a possibility?
  17. So we just tell you what field we'd like for the signature?
  18. Could you not have all the ground and vegetation textures have a second layer which is the same but snow-covered, and then fade that texture in when it starts snowing?
  19. We get CoM signatures? All of us? Apprentice or not?
  20. Well as I stated in my post on AoKH, I'm passionate about mapping, coding, modding. Basically, things that don't need me to do art. I'm not very good with art (Unless you count scenarios as an artform, then I'm an artist, yes. ) I find things can be easy to learn with the right enthusiasm and I am very enthusiastic about this.
  21. Thank you I look forward to it too. I have many ideas and hopefully my experience modding and mapping will be helpful
  22. 'Ello friends! I'm Tanksy, I posted over here: http://aok.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=st&fn=22&tn=41161&st=1#post2 And was told to come by and say hello! And here I am, saying hello Please have a read of that post ^^^ and see what I can do for you. Really looking forward to hopefully being able to join you guys. I've been a fan of your work since playing RaW, and have always kept an eye open for 0 AD - the opportunity to work alongside the kind of people who inspired me to create is one I wouldn't want to miss for the world. I've done many maps, mods and other such things. I wish I had a portfolio site where I could show off my creations - but that will come in time, I guess. Anyway, yes. Hi!
  23. That would be possible, actually. Injecting the SLPs into the .drs is basically what I'd be doing and then sorting out the .dat file so the SLPs for the units were all correct. But actually just taking a permenantly installed .drs file and using that would be perfect, and nothing would need to be changed in the .dat file. (There's no difference between 64-bit and 32-bit AoK, so the .drs files are just the same.. I'd just need someone with mod pack studio working. The mod could be taken further. I believe with the combination of a newly made Patch (known as the UserPatch, that edits the .exe to allow things like more terrains in the editor and more Civs and whatnot) and me modding the game using Advanced Genie Editor, we could make the Roman civs into actual new civs, instead of replacing the mesoamerican civs. Though I'm not totally sure how stable using new civs is at the moment, I can look into it.
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