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  1. We were still discussing suggestions for this game along with the excitement for fellow RTS-S Bretheren. I don't see what the problem is?
  2. Hey Incog! Cool to see you here! Yea, did you read I r Noobs post on RTS-S, he raised a good point about the defender having a massive advantage because army can gather resources it's better to defend because your gathers can just fight when attacked and as you've been gathering for longer you should be ahead. Maybe I'm looking at this wrong?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! As for Hotkeys, a grid setup is a nice way to start. http://i.imgur.com/ZoiCitc.jpg This would be one way to do it on Age of Mythology. Thanks for the hunt advice will use! As for the decision sections I still feel it takes away options which I feel is detrimental. The -10% train time tech I believe is kind of pointless and I will never research it myself for these reasons. You cannot forward build on the enemy earlier enough to make use of the faster train time, by the time you're close enough to your enemy you can just have more buildings to be able to make more stronger units. If you're using it for rushing of some sort your units still have to walk across the whole map to the enemy. The player fighting at his production always has the advantage because his units replace first.
  4. Hey guys I'm new to this forum as you can tell (only 3 posts), but would like to say i've played a little bit of 0ad here and there. I'm a competitive age of mythology player and host tournaments for the competitive community there, so I feel I have a decent RTS background. I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this game and love what has been done so far! Few things I would like to mention or see -Hotkeys, I already use control groups but functions such as assigning hotkeys for building placement. For example when a villager is selected hitting 'e' and it si the hotkey for a house foundation. -Houses, I notice they only supply 5 pop? I find this really takes away from the gameplay as I feel house production is quite intensive and is constantly being done. -Food sources, now I haven't played enough off this game but I've found hunting to be almost pointless because of the high HP and how fast it runs away, compared to the age series it's been incredibly frustrating. Is hunting much faster than berries/farming? If you can tell me how to hunt efficiently that would be great too as I'm probably doing it wrong! -Could someone explain the decision for researching an upgrade which also then disables the option too another. I see this for some economy upgrades, and for military upgrades like train 10% faster but -10% HP. I dislike this function when thinking about it because it sets your decision ins tone. it doesn't allow for small changes on the feel of the game. It makes the game a little rock paper scissors. I would prefer having all upgrades available and a split option for the military like faster training time and an upgrade to make units stronger. I feel it rewards the person who is playing better, he/she may have better micro and pressure on the opponents economy and I dislike the idea that because his units are now 10% weaker he/she will lose even though he outplayed the opponent. I also dislike it from he economy perspective also, because it hinders one side of your eco, where as I prefer if you've had better eco management your one decision to up stone over gold shouldn't put you at a massive disadvantage. I could also see this being a problem when Civilisation X is naturally dictating the game (because of god make up) and civ Y has to counter and make units that cost certain resources. The problem here is Civ X can then switch to force civ Y to make units that cost a different resource which wont be the resource that wasn't upgraded, hence putting Civ X at a large advantage. -Building time I feel is massively slower comparative to other games. I feel like there is an imbalnce between gather rates and build time. As for graphics wise I have very little complaints and due to my competitive side I do look more into gameplay than others will at graphics, animations and historical accuracy. However I do love the game for those latter points. These are the only things that come to mind while writing this post. I may well be wrong about all of these points as I haven't played a great deal of this game so please feel free to expand my knowledge here!
  5. I'm a top 16 Age of Mythology player from ESO and Voobly, highly active in the AoT/AoM community, I host tournaments etc for it. AoMEE is a pile of crap haha, we've all gone back to Voobly to play the old Age of Mythology. Very disappointing there is a lot of lag and glitchy units in it. The new graphics are horrific, everything looks blurry and it's hard to play. Not to mention you can insta resign in first 60 seconds in rated and not lose points (ruins competitive scene because you can pick and chose which gods/maps/players you verse), not too mention if a player drops it doesn't count as a rated game so people just disconnect from the internet when they're losing lol.
  6. Hey guys! First Post on here, I'm from New Zealand.
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